Accidental Death of an Anarchist Character Descriptions

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Inspector Bertozzo

This character is one of the upper-echelon police characters appearing in the play. At the play's beginning, this character interviews the main character for impersonating a psychiatrist.


This character is present in most of the play but speaks only occasionally. When ordered to do something by a superior, this character follows orders immediately.

Maria Feletti

This character arrives at the police station to ask questions about the growing scandal concerning the death of an anarchist suspect in police custody.


This is the pivotal character in the play and is by far the most interesting. In the beginning of the play, this character is in a Milan police station because he has been arrested for impersonating a psychiatrist.

Sports Jacket

This character, early in the play, calls the police office and ends up having a conversation with the lead character, unknowingly informing him that a...

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