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Fiona attempts suicide by ingesting these.

Athletic Shoes

Will buys Marcus a pair of these but they are stolen soon after.

Ellie's Sweatshirt

Marcus asks this older student about what this character is wearing.

Car Seat

Will buys this and covers it in junk food in order to make it appear that he is the father of a two-year-old boy.

Kurt Cobain Cutout

Ellie breaks a window in a music store and takes this item.


Will reads these to make sure he keeps up with what is 'cool'.

Dead Duck Day

Marcus refers to the date of his mother's suicide attempt as this.

Santa's Super Sleigh

This is the name of the song Will's father wrote in the Thirties.


This is an alternative rock band.


This is where Marcus and Fiona lived before moving to their current city of residence.


This is the...

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