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Pills - Fiona attempts suicide by ingesting these.

Athletic Shoes - Will buys Marcus a pair of these but they are stolen soon after.

Ellie's Sweatshirt - Marcus asks this older student about what this character is wearing.

Car Seat - Will buys this and covers it in junk food in order to make it appear that he is the father of a two-year-old boy.

Kurt Cobain Cutout - Ellie breaks a window in a music store and takes this item.

Magazines - Will reads these to make sure he keeps up with what is 'cool'.

Dead Duck Day - Marcus refers to the date of his mother's suicide attempt as this.

Santa's Super Sleigh - This is the name of the song Will's father wrote in the Thirties.

Nirvana - This is an alternative rock band.

Cambridge - This is where Marcus and Fiona lived before...

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