About a Boy Character Descriptions

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Marcus Brewer

This character is twelve-years-old and is one of the protagonists of the novel.

Will Freeman

This character is a protagonist and lives off his father's royalty checks.

Fiona Brewer

This character suffers from depression and tries to commit suicide. She cries in the mornings.


This character is a childhood friend of the younger protagonist's mother.

Ned Freeman

This character is invented by the older protagonist to pick up women.

Ellie McCrae

This character befriends the younger protagonist at school. She is a fan of a popular musician who kills himself.


The older protagonist meets this character on New Year's Eve.

Alistar 'Ali'

This character threatens the younger protagonist when the older protagonist begins to date this character's mother.


This character is the father of the younger protagonist.

Kurt Cobain

This character is the lead singer of Nirvana.

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