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Chapters 1-4

• Marcus is worried about his mother, who is unhappy because she recently broke up with her boyfriend.

• Will is introduced as an image-conscious man single man in his thirties who is afraid of commitment.

• Marcus is bullied at school. He has thought of ways to avoid the bullies, such as going to school earlier than required.

• Marcus partly blames his mother and his teachers for the bullying he faces.

• Will dates a woman named Angie who is a single mother. While dating her, he realizes that he should always date single mothers.

Chapters 5-8

• Marcus is worried when he notices his mother crying in the mornings.

• Marcus tries to hang out with some boys in the computer club, but they ask him not to.

• Will attends a SPAT meeting and lies by saying he has a son named Ned.

• Marcus grows increasingly worried because of his...

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