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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Ged reluctant to help Pechvarry's dying son?
(a) Pechvarry's illness is contagious
(b) Pechvarry's son has an evil soul
(c) He has been told not to save the dying
(d) Pechvarry refuses to pay him

2. What does Ged do when Pechvarry's son dies?
(a) Follows him into the land of the dead
(b) Goes home
(c) Destroys his body
(d) Shows Pechvarry that his son's new life will be very comfortable

3. Who is the master of the wizard school?
(a) Ogion
(b) Vetch
(c) Jasper
(d) Archmage Nemmerle

4. What does Ged think the islanders are doing by responding to him in riddles?
(a) Letting him know their secrets without saying directly.
(b) Casting a spell
(c) Mocking him
(d) Testing him

5. Why does Ged refuse to show the boys any of his spells?
(a) He wants to remain an enigma
(b) He does not know any
(c) They are not very good
(d) He promised Ogion

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the dragon initially refuse to deal with Ged?

2. Who does Ged befriend?

3. What kind of job does Pechvarry have?

4. Who cared for Duny when he was a child?

5. What attacks Ged?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you think Ogion understands Ged's needs?

2. Why do you think Ged is so enthusiastic about going to Wizard School?

3. Why do you think Jasper and Ged become such enemies?

4. Do you think Duny has anything that initially sets him out from others?

5. Do you think Duny's Aunt initially sets out to use him?

6. Why do you think Duny receives his new name on his 13th birthday?

7. Why do you think Ged opts to take a position in Gorning?

8. Why do you think it is important for Ged to have a nemesis like Jasper?

9. Why do you think Jasper is so cruel to Ged?

10. How do you think the Archmage's death changes Ged?

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