A Wizard of Earthsea Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Do you think Duny has anything that initially sets him out from others?

Initially the only difference between Duny and the other children is that he does not have any strong adult figure in his life, allowing his Aunt to take advantage. She teaches him spells, which further sets him aside from the other children.

2. Do you think Duny's Aunt initially sets out to use him?

Initially Duny's Aunt has no real intention of keeping Duny under her control, but instead wants to pass on her knowledge. It is only when he shows his potential that she becomes more controlling.

3. What do you think the differences are between a town witch and a wizard?

In the story, witches use their magic for bad. Duny's aunt for example only uses her magical skills to control the people around her. In comparison, wizards are more concerned with helping others as shown by Duny saving the village and then secondly by Ogion saving Duny.

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