A Wizard of Earthsea Character Descriptions

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Duny, Sparrowhawk, Ged

At one point in the story he develops hawk-like features. He is the main character of the book.


He is the only living person who knows Ged's real name, until Ged reveals it to his friend, Vetch.

Vetch or Estarriol

He tries to dissuade Ged from fighting Jaspar


Ged thinks he is sarcastic and quickly develops a dislike for him.

Serret, the Enchantress's daughter

Ged tries to impress her, but only succeeds in releasing the Shadow.

The Shadow

Appears to Ged while he is attempting to keep a small boy from dying, then again in the body of an oarsman.

Archmage Nemmerle

He dies when Ged releases the Shadow for the second time.

The Nine Masters

A group of people who each specialize in a subject.


There is a suggestion of a potential love between her and Ged.


He is initially...

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