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Chapter 1, Warriors in the Mist

• On the island of Gont in the Northeast Sea of the Archipelago on Earthsea lives a little boy.

• One day, at the age of seven, Duny overhears his aunt speak strange words to a goat. The next day, Duny speaks the same words and the goats come to him.

• His aunt sees this and takes Duny into her care, teaching him the spells that she knows.
• The aunt attempts to weave a spell over Duny to keep him under her power forever, but fails due to his great strength.

• When Duny is twelve a tribe from a nearby island attempts to conquer Duny's village.

• Duny says a spell that causes a great fog to move into the area, which confuses the enemy. Very quickly, the villagers get the upper hand and win the battle.
• The effort is exhausting and Duny falls into a...

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