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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Reynolds Price find when he finally went to the hospital?

2. Where did Reynolds Price and Daniel Voll travel to together?

3. How does Price characterize his relationship with his students?

4. What does Price say made physical therapy bearable?

5. Who was Lawrence Wall?

Short Essay Questions

1. What prognosis doe Dr. Shuping give Price?

2. What was Price's prognosis after falling from his wheelchair?

3. How does Price say he thought about his future?

4. What professional triumphs did Price enjoy in the winter of 1987?

5. How does Price say Daniel Voll helped him when he was having a hard time accepting his condition?

6. Describe Price's reunion with Daniel Voll.

7. What did Daniel Voll do for Reynolds Price?

8. Describe Price's experience with hypnosis as a treatment.

9. How was Price managing the pain, when he returned to live at home?

10. What does Price say about the pain he felt after falling from his wheelchair?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the different jobs this book does? (Consoling, expressing emotions, testifying, educating, entertaining, etc.) Which jobs does it finish, and which jobs does it do intermittently? Which things does it do for you as a reader? What jobs do you think it did best for Price?

Essay Topic 2

How did illness change Price's personality? Which change was most profound? Using examples from the text, describe the most powerful effects illness had on his life.

Essay Topic 3

Use this book as a meditation on the value of a five-star rating system. Is a five-star system sufficient to a book like this? Would you need to have sub-topics for the rating system, for plot, characterization, language, etc? What other sub-topics would you need? What value or importance gets lost in a five-star scale? Design a scale that would be better for this book.

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