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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Price say Diana Betz came to see him for?
(a) Spiritual counseling.
(b) Writing workshops.
(c) Physical therapy.
(d) Editorial projects.

2. What does Price say his outlook was, at the end of chapter 6?
(a) He knew he could live with whatever came.
(b) He was afraid of dying.
(c) He was determined to kill himself before he lived with his pains again.
(d) He dreaded another round of pain and surgery.

3. How had the tumor changed since Price's surgery and radiation therapy?
(a) It had gotten smaller.
(b) It had changed shape.
(c) It had wrapped itself tighter around his spine.
(d) It had moved up his spine.

4. How does Price characterize the pain he felt by the end of the semester?
(a) Oppressive.
(b) Overpowering.
(c) Beyond description.
(d) Humbling.

5. What did Daniel Voll have installed in the house?
(a) Video monitors.
(b) Grab bars.
(c) Ramps.
(d) An elevator.

6. What was Dr. Shuping's prognosis?
(a) That Price's outlook for walking was not good.
(b) That he would likely be paralyzed permanently.
(c) That he might eventually get some relief from pain.
(d) That surgery might help him.

7. What did Patrick Louge teach Price?
(a) Self-hypnosis.
(b) Spiritual practices.
(c) Stretching exercises.
(d) Nutrition.

8. What kinds of subjects does Price say he steered his students toward?
(a) Intensely literary works.
(b) Science fiction.
(c) Real emotions.
(d) Highly-stylized works.

9. How does Price characterize his relationship with his students?
(a) They inspired each other.
(b) Only a rare few of them warranted his respect.
(c) Only a few of them respected him.
(d) They did not understand each other.

10. What did Price's doctor recommend?
(a) No action.
(b) Surgery.
(c) Radiation therapy.
(d) Chemotherapy.

11. How does Price say his condition changed after Christmas 1985?
(a) His mobility increased.
(b) His pain decreased.
(c) His memory returned.
(d) His weakness worsened.

12. Who was Eric Rector?
(a) Price's living assistant.
(b) Price's doctor.
(c) Price's teaching assistant.
(d) Price's physical therapist.

13. Where did Price visit after David Lang became his assistant?
(a) London.
(b) Chicago.
(c) New York.
(d) California.

14. What does Price say his friends thought about his condition?
(a) They thought he was in retreat from the world.
(b) They thought he was on the verge of recovery.
(c) They thought he was dying of AIDS.
(d) They thought he was harboring his strength for fighting his cancer.

15. What was the result of the thing Dan convinced Price to do?
(a) Price lost a great deal of money.
(b) Price enjoyed getting out more.
(c) Price resolved old hostilities.
(d) Price found new sources for his work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What damage did the doctors find when they examined Price?

2. What did Reynolds Price find when he finally went to the hospital?

3. How does Price describe his mobility while writing Kate Vaiden?

4. What does Price say accompanied his pains, now?

5. What did two new MRIs indicate about Price's tumor?

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