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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Price become aware of after biofeedback?
(a) Emotions.
(b) Repressed memories.
(c) Nature.
(d) Scents and colors.

2. What did Dr. Friedman say was causing Price's pains?
(a) His immune system attacking his healthy tissue.
(b) Phantom pain.
(c) Repressed memories.
(d) Damaged nerve cells.

3. What was the subject Price wrote about for his commission?
(a) A dying professor.
(b) A love affair.
(c) A gay man coming out.
(d) A woman realizing she has been deceived by her lover.

4. What did Reynolds Price find when he finally went to the hospital?
(a) He had become diabetic.
(b) He had damaged his vertebrae.
(c) He had injured his nerves.
(d) His immune system was malfunctioning.

5. How does Price say his condition changed after Christmas 1985?
(a) His pain decreased.
(b) His weakness worsened.
(c) His mobility increased.
(d) His memory returned.

6. What was Dr. Shuping's prognosis?
(a) That surgery might help him.
(b) That he might eventually get some relief from pain.
(c) That he would likely be paralyzed permanently.
(d) That Price's outlook for walking was not good.

7. What damage did the doctors find when they examined Price?
(a) He had broken his bones in a fall years ago.
(b) He had been damaged in surgery.
(c) He had been losing muscle mass for years.
(d) His blood was getting too thin.

8. How does Price describe the process of getting off methodone?
(a) A few nights of mild withdrawal.
(b) No effects.
(c) Weeks of agony.
(d) Mild effects that lingered for a long time.

9. What changed when Reynolds Price injured himself?
(a) His pain was so bad he couldn't lift his head.
(b) His pain actually decreased.
(c) He damaged his internal organs.
(d) He lost all feeling in his legs.

10. What did MRIs indicate about Price's tumor, in 1987?
(a) Reduction in size.
(b) No growth.
(c) Decay of the vertebrae around it.
(d) Aggressive growth.

11. How did Reynolds Price injure himself?
(a) He fell in the bathroom.
(b) He hit his head.
(c) He cut himself.
(d) He toppled over in his wheelchair.

12. For how long does Price say he was addicted to his pain medication?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Two months.
(c) Six months.
(d) Two years.

13. Where did Reynolds Price and Daniel Voll travel to together?
(a) To California to visit his family.
(b) To Arkansas for rehearsals.
(c) To New York for experimental treatments.
(d) To Washington D.C. for a literary award ceremony.

14. What put Price back in the hospital?
(a) Panic attacks.
(b) Leaking spinal fluid.
(c) Seizures.
(d) Paralysis.

15. What does Price say Diana Betz came to see him for?
(a) Physical therapy.
(b) Writing workshops.
(c) Spiritual counseling.
(d) Editorial projects.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was different about Daniel Voll's visit, when he returned to see Price?

2. What did Price's friends the Andersons offer to do for him?

3. What does Price say Daniel Voll would do 'happily' for him and his visitors?

4. Where did Price visit after David Lang became his assistant?

5. What was the result of Price's first visit with Patrick Louge?

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