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Chapter 1

• Reynolds Price was successful and healthy, and he had not had many health problems at the beginning of "A Whole New Life".
• At a point when he was fifty, he began to feel wobbly, and not in control of his body.
• Preliminary tests revealed a tumor wrapped around his spine, and surgery removed only ten percent of it.
• Price was in agony after surgery, but he could feel his fingers and toes.
• At home recuperating, Proust he decided to fight the cancer, and listened to classical music to prepare himself.

Chapter 2

• Price was given 4,000 rads of radiation a day for five days a week for five weeks.
• The radiation left him exhausted, swollen, and in pain, but he says that he never had any nausea.
• A friend from Florida stayed with Price to take care of him.
• Price wrote a poem "The Eel" about his snake-like tumor...

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