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Truong Nhu Tang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was life like for the PRG in general?
(a) Often give up for a bribe, all members lived in fear of one another.
(b) Life was generally good and comfortable.
(c) They lived like hunted animals.
(d) The elevated status of the PRG enabled them to live like kings.

2. What position in the Provisional Revolutionary Government did Tang receive?
(a) Foreign Minister.
(b) Cabinet Secretary.
(c) Minister of the Interior.
(d) Minister of Justice.

3. What did the term "neutralize" mean within the context of the Phoenix Program?
(a) To let sleep.
(b) To kill.
(c) To save at all costs.
(d) To leave alone.

4. Where were Tang's brothers, Quynh and Bich, sent on June 16, 1975?
(a) To a Soviet camp.
(b) To their own reeducation points.
(c) To Hanoi.
(d) To Saigon General Hospital.

5. What was the reason behind the National Council of National Reconciliation and Concord as described in Article 9 of the Paris Accords?
(a) To engage Vietnam's military operatives.
(b) To resolve Vietnam's domestic problems through political means.
(c) To have Thieu retreat from dismantling his government.
(d) To isolate Thieu.

6. What did Tang consider to be the "fourth front" for the NLF's cause?
(a) Thieu's government.
(b) The Paris peace talks.
(c) The drug wars in Cambodia.
(d) Public opinion in the United States.

7. What were "elephant's intestines?"
(a) Moneys cooked in a pot.
(b) Poisonous snakes.
(c) Long tubes of rolled cotton.
(d) The belts on the guerrillas' pajamas.

8. What nearly derailed Tang and dozens of others with him of leaving the country by boat?
(a) The pirates on the ocean spotted them.
(b) A monsoon hit them.
(c) The boat hit a sand bar and got stuck.
(d) A government soldier on a fishing boat grew suspicious.

9. The taking of Saigon by Northern forces hinged upon the fall of which centrally located city?
(a) Hanoi.
(b) Da Nang.
(c) Phuoc Long.
(d) Ban Me Thuot.

10. When the Ho Chi Minh trail was originally blazed in 1959, how many kilometers were the fighters expected to be able to advance every day?
(a) Nearly 20.
(b) About 10.
(c) 15 or more.
(d) Only 1.

11. Upon Tang's return to Hanoi in Chapter 20, what does he encounter in the city he has not visited for thirty years?
(a) Dreariness and poverty.
(b) A place of dignity.
(c) A modern and beautified city.
(d) Ceaseless turmoil.

12. Who does Tang marry in the summer of 1976?
(a) A Communist Party bureaucrat.
(b) His ex-wife.
(c) A relative of Madame Thieu's.
(d) A close family friend of Trinh Dinh Thao.

13. Upon Tang's visit to Moscow from Algiers, what did his anticipated "vacation" turn out to be?
(a) A meeting every day with Soviet leaders.
(b) A whirlwind vistit to Soviet tourist attractions.
(c) A period of rest and recuperation.
(d) An observation of Russian life.

14. What announcement did Le Duan make at the joint meeting of the politburo and central military committee in 1975?
(a) President Thieu had been deposed.
(b) Saigon had fallen.
(c) The troops in Saigon were filled with depression.
(d) A province near Saigon, Phuoc Long, had fallen.

15. Why was an advisory Council of Elders formed during the Provisional Revolutionary Government's (PRG) congress?
(a) To appease the older members.
(b) To reconcile tradition with revolution.
(c) As an afterthought with little meaning.
(d) As an antidote to propaganda.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Thieu force university and high school students to do in 1970?

2. What did Hai Thuan, a Southern cadre of the Vietminh in its war against the French, do in Chapter 22?

3. Where did the NLF establish a new headquarters after America's Cambodian attack?

4. What was the motto for Dung's opportune moment of a campaign on the assault of Saigon in April, 1974?

5. What did Tang do at the International Association of Democratic Jurists in Algeria to insult the Soviets?

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