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Truong Nhu Tang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the most popular weaponry used in the Front?
(a) B-52s.
(b) M-16 rifles.
(c) Grenades and mines.
(d) Chinese AK-47 rifles.

2. What announcement did Le Duan make at the joint meeting of the politburo and central military committee in 1975?
(a) A province near Saigon, Phuoc Long, had fallen.
(b) The troops in Saigon were filled with depression.
(c) Saigon had fallen.
(d) President Thieu had been deposed.

3. What was the PRG opposed to?
(a) Revolutionary justice as performed in Hue.
(b) Troop withdrawals by Nixon.
(c) Being linked to Hanoi.
(d) Including people from Central Vietnam in their group.

4. What break came to Tang and his wife via his wife's brother-in-law?
(a) A job prospect without being in the government.
(b) They were able to sell their cottage at a profit.
(c) An opportunity to showcase Tang's war efforts.
(d) The prospect of escape by boat.

5. What were the watchwords of the danh va dam strategy used throughout the Paris talks?
(a) Separate and isolate.
(b) Contradict and stimulate.
(c) Unionize and gather.
(d) Fight and win.

6. What was the main goal of the Provisional Revolutionary Government, organized in 1969?
(a) To represent the Northern Vietnamese.
(b) To influence public opinion on different fronts.
(c) To look better in the eyes of the Communist Party.
(d) To win the war by force and oust American forces.

7. What set the PRG leaders apart from the rest of the organization?
(a) Their extra food rations.
(b) The extra pairs of pajamas they received.
(c) The absence of fear.
(d) Their access to information.

8. How many people have been freed from arrest since Tang's retirement in the summer of 1976, to his knowledge?
(a) Three hundred thousand.
(b) Twenty-five.
(c) Three hundred.
(d) None.

9. Why was an advisory Council of Elders formed during the Provisional Revolutionary Government's (PRG) congress?
(a) To appease the older members.
(b) As an afterthought with little meaning.
(c) To reconcile tradition with revolution.
(d) As an antidote to propaganda.

10. What was Tang's last official function in Algeria?
(a) Celebrating a victory with Prince Sihanouk.
(b) Having tea with Madame Binh.
(c) Going to the funeral of Queen Kosamak.
(d) Congratulating the Khmer representative on the victory in Phnom Penh.

11. What effect did America's invasion into Cambodia have on the NLF?
(a) A renewed spirit to fight the enemy.
(b) Acute physical and emotional hardship.
(c) It had no effect.
(d) They gained the support of Cambodians.

12. What did Tang ask PRG President Phat concerning the directives established at the COSVN/PRG meeting in Chapter 22?
(a) He asks to help reinvent the directives.
(b) He wants to know if he has time for a series of word games.
(c) He asks if he needs to be sent to a reeducation camp.
(d) He asks why the people are taking so long to be reeducated.

13. What did Article 9 of the Paris Accords call for the creation of?
(a) A National Council of Reconciliation.
(b) A humanitarian ideal of a Socialist nature.
(c) A greater role of the Saigon government in negotiations.
(d) A Korean-style equilibrium vision.

14. On the day of celebration at Independence Palace Square to celebrate the Vietnamese victory at last, which military units were the last to appear in the parade?
(a) The Soviet Army.
(b) The Democratic Republic of North Vietnam.
(c) The North Vietnamese Army.
(d) The Vietcong units.

15. How could the importance of Tang's and his colleague's roles be measured in Chapter 16?
(a) By the salary raises they received.
(b) Who was promoted within the ranks.
(c) How they were treated by the party.
(d) How many pairs of pajamas they received.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Tang and his wife move back to Saigon in Chapter 24?

2. What nearly derailed Tang and dozens of others with him of leaving the country by boat?

3. What did Tang's host want most to know from Tang during his visit to Budapest ?

4. How did Tran Back Dang get himself in trouble with the COSVN in Chapter 19?

5. Which unit member was very popular for what he could provide the guerrillas with?

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