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Truong Nhu Tang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tang's wife ultimately do about her marriage in Chapter 3?
(a) She returned to Tang and had her child.
(b) She left the marriage to obey her father.
(c) She commited suicide.
(d) She stayed married to Tang through letters.

2. What did Tang suspect about the historical documents used in the infancy of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam?
(a) They were written by spies from Diem's regime.
(b) They were poorly devised.
(c) There might be copyright infringement problems in the future.
(d) They were entwined with Ho Chi Minh's overall political insights.

3. How did Albert Thao become a trusted member of Diem's administration?
(a) He was able to bribe imporant officials.
(b) He trusted no one.
(c) He changed his political views completely.
(d) He was thought of as a repentant former communist by a priest.

4. What did Tang's father decide to do when violence began to erupt in Saigon in 1945?
(a) Evacuate the family to the provinces.
(b) Ship his sons off to Paris.
(c) Join the armed forces.
(d) Move the family to Thailand.

5. What did Albert Thao believe about Diem's leadership in Vietnam?
(a) He was moving toward peaceful unification of north and south.
(b) He was a strong, independent leader.
(c) He was a puppet for the Americans.
(d) Diem would hold fair elections in Vietnam.

6. In Chapter 3, what did Tang become more and more involved with in Paris?
(a) His pharmacy studies.
(b) His fiance from Vietnam.
(c) British culture.
(d) Agitation against the war.

7. Where did the leadership of the North place its focus in the 1966 resolution?
(a) On getting better weaponry.
(b) On Tang, himself.
(c) On mobilizing the masses.
(d) Upon young people.

8. What happened to Diem and Nhu during the coup in Chapter 6?
(a) They were able to subdue the coup and retake control.
(b) They were killed outside a church.
(c) They were imprisoned in Saigon.
(d) They begged for their lives inside the Palace.

9. What did Tang's pregnant wife do when both fathers demanded the couple return home?
(a) She aborted her baby and stayed in France.
(b) She persuaded Tang to return home with her.
(c) She stayed with her husband in France.
(d) She returned home alone.

10. What form of torture did Tang endure in Chapter 10, causing great pain to his eyes?
(a) Electric shock.
(b) Needles near his eyes.
(c) Bright lights directed into his face.
(d) Constant head bashing.

11. What was Thanh Nghi famous for writing?
(a) A history of South Vietnam.
(b) A French-Vietnamese dictionary.
(c) A communist manifesto.
(d) A novel based on Vietnamese struggles.

12. When Ho Chi Minh explained Vietnamese history to Tang, what did he say about the French?
(a) The French and the Chinese were fighting the Vietnamese.
(b) France had used Vietnam as a slave state.
(c) The French were helping Vietnam to develop the country.
(d) France had always been Vietnam's ally.

13. What were Agrovilles?
(a) A government project of self-contained villages.
(b) A method of increasing revenue for farmers.
(c) A capitalistic branch of society.
(d) Villages in which to house captured enemies.

14. Where did President Thao lead the alliance delegation in the spring of 1969?
(a) A meeting with President Johnson.
(b) To the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
(c) A visit to Hanoi.
(d) A skirmish with the secret police in Saigon.

15. What did Tang's grandfather teach his clan each Sunday?
(a) A proper Vietnamese diet.
(b) The precepts of Confucian ethics.
(c) How to achieve artistic development.
(d) The elements of political regimes.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the overthrow of Diem, what did Tang become director-general of?

2. What job did Tang take at the Societe Sucriere?

3. What prevented Tang from attending the First National Congress in 1962?

4. Where was Nguyen Huu Tho when Phat's men attempted to liberate him from prison?

5. When a revolution in Saigon took place in 1945, which group did Tang join?

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