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Truong Nhu Tang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By the end of 1958, who were basically the only people who supported Diem's regime?
(a) Northern Catholic refugees and those who profited from Diem's schemes.
(b) The tribespeople from the mountains.
(c) Nationalist-minded Vietnamese.
(d) The French.

2. What punishment did the tribunal bestow upon Tang, besides prison, that may have interfered deeply with Tang's credibility within Vietnamese society?
(a) His driver's license was revoked.
(b) A hefty monetary fine.
(c) Suspension from his job.
(d) A newspaper editorial.

3. What job did Tang take at the Societe Sucriere?
(a) Director General.
(b) Chief Opearting Officer.
(c) Head Accountant.
(d) Public Relations Manager.

4. What did Tang's pregnant wife do when both fathers demanded the couple return home?
(a) She aborted her baby and stayed in France.
(b) She returned home alone.
(c) She stayed with her husband in France.
(d) She persuaded Tang to return home with her.

5. What was Diem preoccupied with throughout his regime?
(a) The farmers and villages.
(b) His brother's welfare.
(c) Americans.
(d) Internal disloyalty.

6. What did Tang's grandfather teach his clan each Sunday?
(a) A proper Vietnamese diet.
(b) The precepts of Confucian ethics.
(c) How to achieve artistic development.
(d) The elements of political regimes.

7. Who did Albert Thao's family get to protect him from harm?
(a) Diem.
(b) Vinh Long.
(c) Bishop Thuc.
(d) Tang's family.

8. Why was the Northern Vietnamese government fearful of American involvement in the fighting in Vietnam in the early 1960s?
(a) The Chinese would then become involved.
(b) They had no firearms for a counterattack.
(c) A nuclear bomb attack was anticipated.
(d) Chances for a peaceful, negotiated settlement would vanish.

9. What event pushed aside Tang's trepidations concerning military action against Diem?
(a) Politcal action would be enough to push Diem aside.
(b) The northern government announced its readiness to act to liberate the south.
(c) The Americans decided to discontinue their relationship with Diem.
(d) Tang believed a military victory could be possible.

10. What was the turning point for those who finally decided to take political action and join the Alliance of National, Democratic and Peace Forces?
(a) The violence of Tet.
(b) The American's involvement in Vietnam.
(c) The coup in Saigon.
(d) The threat of nuclear warfare.

11. What form of torture did Tang endure in Chapter 10, causing great pain to his eyes?
(a) Bright lights directed into his face.
(b) Constant head bashing.
(c) Electric shock.
(d) Needles near his eyes.

12. After the overthrow of Diem, what did Tang become director-general of?
(a) The NLF.
(b) The Saigon government.
(c) The self-determination movement.
(d) The national sugar company.

13. What was the official name of the Vietnamese Communist Party?
(a) To Cong.
(b) Tran Buu.
(c) National Liberation Front.
(d) Lao Dong.

14. What did Tang's father threaten to do in Chapter 3?
(a) Commit suicide out of shame.
(b) Restrict his passport.
(c) Cut off Tang's funds.
(d) Stop sending him new clothing.

15. What is meant by the "Three Kingdoms"?
(a) The story behind the founding of the NLF.
(b) A Vietnamese moral tale.
(c) The main Vietnamese religion.
(d) A respectful way to end the war.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Tang ten days before Albert Thao attempted a coup on Khan's regime?

2. What became the chief news item on the prison grapevine after an ethnic Chinese labor leader was shot by prison guards and survived her wounds?

3. What did Tang's wife ultimately do about her marriage in Chapter 3?

4. What was one of the main tenets of Tang's manifesto for the self-determination movement?

5. How did Tang find his time in jail to be?

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