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Truong Nhu Tang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Chi Hoa?
(a) Tang's sugar company.
(b) A political meeting place.
(c) A prison.
(d) Tang's wife's name.

2. Who did Tang's small group meet by chance when they were dropped off near a jungle path on a prisoner exchange mission in Chapter 11?
(a) Albert Tho.
(b) Lien's husband.
(c) Le Duc Tho's brother.
(d) Tang's wife.

3. What does "tin," a basic ethical principle in Confucianism, refer to?
(a) Loss of face.
(b) Faithfulness.
(c) Humanity.
(d) Love.

4. Where was Tang first subjected to racial prejudice?
(a) In school.
(b) During the war.
(c) In America.
(d) In Europe.

5. What became the chief news item on the prison grapevine after an ethnic Chinese labor leader was shot by prison guards and survived her wounds?
(a) Madame Dang's disappearance and two prisoner executions.
(b) The Americans were trading prisoners of Chinese ethnicity.
(c) The northern army was close to winning the war.
(d) Everyone was destined for execution.

6. What did Ho Chi Minh give Tang at the end of their afternoon tea together at Montmorency?
(a) A teacup momento.
(b) An autographed photograph.
(c) A recital of Confucianist sayings.
(d) A book of Vietnamese history.

7. What did Nguyen Van Thieu do when he discovered a prisoner exchange being negotiated between the Americans and the North?
(a) He was in favor of the program and promoted it.
(b) He told the Americans to pull out of his country.
(c) He resigned his position.
(d) He had Sau Ha, Dang's deputy, arrested.

8. Who did Ho Chi Minh remind Tang of?
(a) His grandfather.
(b) His father.
(c) His eldest brother.
(d) His school teacher.

9. Who did Albert Thao's family get to protect him from harm?
(a) Tang's family.
(b) Vinh Long.
(c) Diem.
(d) Bishop Thuc.

10. What job did Tang take at the Societe Sucriere?
(a) Director General.
(b) Public Relations Manager.
(c) Head Accountant.
(d) Chief Opearting Officer.

11. What career did Tang's father decide Tang should pursue?
(a) Doctor.
(b) Dentist.
(c) Banker.
(d) Pharmacist.

12. What group was Tang named as president of at the age of forty-three?
(a) The Youth Movement.
(b) Ho Chi Minh's Youth.
(c) Young People's Association of South Vietnam.
(d) The Vanguard Youth.

13. Who was Tao Thao?
(a) A legendary king in China.
(b) An enemy of the alliance.
(c) A North Vietnamese general.
(d) A refugee from the South.

14. Who did Tang's wife end up bribing in order to get Tang transferred to the national police headquarters?
(a) Diem.
(b) Prime Minister Quat.
(c) The butcher.
(d) Ba Tra.

15. What was Diem's To Cong campaign?
(a) Diem's long run for political office.
(b) Nhu's revolutionary movement.
(c) A well-organized center of Diem's opposition.
(d) Jailing and execution of communist sympathizers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Tang's father ask him in a letter towards the end of 1951?

2. In Chapter 3, what did Tang become more and more involved with in Paris?

3. What did Tang's wife ultimately do about her marriage in Chapter 3?

4. Who was the first choice for a leader of the South Vietnamese nationalist movement, though he did not accept the role?

5. Why did the NLF Committee meet in 1961 during Tet?

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