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Truong Nhu Tang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tang do upon receiving his second draft notice?
(a) He escaped to England.
(b) He joined the national navy.
(c) He reacquainted himself with Ho Chi Minh.
(d) He showed up for active duty.

2. What role did the leading figure of the Committee to Defend the Peace, Dr. Pham Van Huyen, play in Diem's government in 1954?
(a) Comissioner of refugees.
(b) Head of state.
(c) Professor of historical societies.
(d) Chief judicial adviser.

3. How did Tang meet his second wife?
(a) His father set them up together.
(b) They met in the Cai Lay region.
(c) They had both joined the resistance.
(d) A colleague introduced them.

4. What did Tang do when he was drafted by the Bao Dai government?
(a) He became a teacher wherever he was needed.
(b) He joined the revolution in Cambodia.
(c) He enrolled in college.
(d) He left the country.

5. What occurred on November 11, 1960?
(a) Diem's brother, Nhu, was killed.
(b) Diem's fears of a revolt were realized.
(c) Khiem refuseed to stop a revolt.
(d) Albert Thao was discovered to be a spy.

6. What was one of the main tenets of Tang's manifesto for the self-determination movement?
(a) People living in villages would move to the mountains.
(b) America should not intervene in Vietnam.
(c) Henry Cabot Lodge should resign from office.
(d) Ho Chi Minh would be allowed to lead North and South Vietnam.

7. When Tang was in solitary confinement in the national police headquarters, what saved him from lapsing into permanent catatonia?
(a) The books he was given to read.
(b) The twice-daily meals.
(c) The prison grapevine.
(d) The end of torture.

8. What military position did Diem assign to Albert Thao?
(a) General.
(b) Major.
(c) Sergeant.
(d) Private.

9. What became the chief news item on the prison grapevine after an ethnic Chinese labor leader was shot by prison guards and survived her wounds?
(a) The Americans were trading prisoners of Chinese ethnicity.
(b) Madame Dang's disappearance and two prisoner executions.
(c) The northern army was close to winning the war.
(d) Everyone was destined for execution.

10. What form of torture did Tang endure in Chapter 10, causing great pain to his eyes?
(a) Needles near his eyes.
(b) Electric shock.
(c) Constant head bashing.
(d) Bright lights directed into his face.

11. Why did Tang's father send Tang's fiance and her father to Paris?
(a) To persuade Tang to return home immediately.
(b) So Tang and she can marry.
(c) To threaten him with violence.
(d) To give him grandchildren quickly.

12. Who did Ho Chi Minh remind Tang of?
(a) His school teacher.
(b) His father.
(c) His grandfather.
(d) His eldest brother.

13. Who was Ngo Dinh Nhu?
(a) Organizer of the National Liberation Front.
(b) Prime Minister of Vietnam.
(c) A teacher at Saigon University.
(d) Leader of the National Revolutionary Movement.

14. What were Agrovilles?
(a) A method of increasing revenue for farmers.
(b) A government project of self-contained villages.
(c) A capitalistic branch of society.
(d) Villages in which to house captured enemies.

15. Who did Tang's small group meet by chance when they were dropped off near a jungle path on a prisoner exchange mission in Chapter 11?
(a) Albert Tho.
(b) Tang's wife.
(c) Lien's husband.
(d) Le Duc Tho's brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Tang know Albert Pham Ngoc Thao?

2. Which of the following was NOT an objective of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam?

3. What did Nguyen Van Thieu do when he discovered a prisoner exchange being negotiated between the Americans and the North?

4. Who did the U.S. government signal its willingness to support upon abandoning its support of Diem in the early 1960s?

5. What was the meaning of "Danh va dam, dam va dahn"'?

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