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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What report does Sugamo receive about Harman after the women have left?
(a) he escaped
(b) he died during the night
(c) he is still alive
(d) his body was stolen

2. Besides the well, what has Jean caused to be built?
(a) a meeting hall
(b) a ceptic system
(c) a small food shop
(d) a private laundry shed

3. What does Jean treat herself to in Alice Springs?
(a) a hamburger
(b) an ice cream soda
(c) an air conditioned room
(d) some fish and chips

4. What effect does Jean's letter have on Strachan?
(a) he puts it aside and forgets it
(b) he becomes alarmed for her safety
(c) he decides she is too much trouble
(d) he gets into a dark mood

5. How many girls does Small think would work regularly for £5 a week in a shoe factory?
(a) 6 or 7 immediately
(b) 3 or 4 immediately
(c) 9 or 10 after they are trained
(d) 20 or 30 immediately

6. What has Jean purchased for her Sunday visit at Midhurst?
(a) fresh steaks
(b) riding clothes
(c) vegetables
(d) art supplies

7. Where does Art Foster say Harman is now?
(a) Sydney
(b) Queensland
(c) Malaya
(d) England

8. What is amusing in the idea that he cannot believe she has survived three weeks in Willstown?
(a) she looks so frail without the tan and the sarong
(b) she had survived three years in Malaya
(c) she appears to be a total city woman
(d) she had not been able to survive Kuantan

9. What prevents Jean from spending a lot of time at Midhurst?
(a) Joe is away a great deal of the time
(b) she has no transportation
(c) the rural code of morals
(d) the shop is too busy

10. What is Jean's impression of Alice Springs?
(a) it is in the back of beyond
(b) it is not like Joe remembered
(c) it is very modern
(d) it is strangely English

11. What happens on Boxing Day?
(a) Joe falls and breaks his leg
(b) the first shoes go out to London
(c) the torrential rains come
(d) Jean closes the milk bar

12. How does Shute let the reader know that Palmolive is not a great cook?
(a) the eggs are runny
(b) the steak is too tough to cut
(c) the steak is burned
(d) the coffee is too strong

13. How much does Mr. Small estimate it will cost to build her building?
(a) £2000
(b) £1000
(c) £400
(d) £100

14. Who tells Jean Paget this story?
(a) a missionary at Kuala Telang
(b) the women at Kuala Telang
(c) well diggers at Kuala Telang
(d) the headman at Kuala Telang

15. What does Jean write to Mr. Strachan about her plans?
(a) she is flying to Darwin
(b) she is headed for New Zealand
(c) she is contacting the Australian Embassy
(d) she is taking a ship to Sydney

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sugamo order that Harman be removed from the tree and taken to a hospital?

2. At Midhurst where does Harman sleep and do most of his living?

3. Who is Lily?

4. Without a phone, how do people get information?

5. Why does Jean sit on the steps outside the bar while Whelan seals the contract with the Shire Clerk?

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