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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the bore?
(a) the man who keeps trying to court Jean
(b) a pipe releasing hot underground water
(c) a local Aboriginese servant
(d) the drill used for finding water

2. Why is Helen Curtis hysterical on the radio?
(a) the flood has washed away the curtis barn
(b) her husband's horse returned home without him
(c) her son has come down with a fever
(d) lightning struck her house and burned it down

3. What makes recruiting for the shop easy?
(a) parents make their daughters go to work
(b) air conditioning, music, uniforms, and spending money
(c) ringers start coming to town more often
(d) there are more girls than Jean once thought

4. Where does Art Foster say Harman is now?
(a) Malaya
(b) Sydney
(c) Queensland
(d) England

5. Who are David and Joyce Bowen?
(a) people who have Joe Harman's address
(b) people who knew Joe Harman
(c) people from the British consul service
(d) people Jean stays with in Kuantan

6. What does Strachan do before sending Topp to Australia?
(a) has a background check done on her
(b) takes her to his club to check out her manners
(c) interviews her to be sure she is a good manager
(d) finds the cheapest fare to Australia he can locate

7. What does Jean learn from 18-year-old Rose Sawyer?
(a) the loneliness of Alice Springs
(b) the distances in Australia
(c) the history of Alice Springs
(d) the aboriginese of Australia

8. What is the Casket?
(a) the slang name for Willstown
(b) the Australian lottery
(c) the mail plane to Queensland
(d) the combination hotel and mortuary

9. What concerns Strachan about Joe's visit to his office?
(a) how to get rid of him
(b) how much he can tell him
(c) what kind of character he has
(d) how to prove his identity

10. At Midhurst where does Harman sleep and do most of his living?
(a) in the cattle barn
(b) in the living room
(c) on the verandah
(d) in the kitchen

11. What does Harman say about the town of Willstown now that Jean is there?
(a) it will soon be as good as Alice Springs
(b) it will never change no matter what she brings in
(c) it will be where they build a house
(d) it will need a railroad line soon

12. How does Jean get a final look at the construction at Kuala Telang?
(a) from the air
(b) with the Bowens
(c) on an overnight trip
(d) passing by on the train

13. When does Harman take Jean to Midhurst to see where he lives?
(a) for the first week in December
(b) during a Sunday lull
(c) after they are married
(d) during the middle of the night

14. Although Jean is not pleased with the finished product, how do the townspeople respond?
(a) they laugh at Jean
(b) they place large orders
(c) they are amazed
(d) they suggest ways of improving

15. How much does Mr. Small estimate it will cost to build her building?
(a) £1000
(b) £2000
(c) £400
(d) £100

Short Answer Questions

1. What report does Sugamo receive about Harman after the women have left?

2. Without a phone, how do people get information?

3. Where does Jean discover Joe Harman is?

4. How is some of the hot water used?

5. Besides the well, what has Jean caused to be built?

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