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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes recruiting for the shop easy?
(a) air conditioning, music, uniforms, and spending money
(b) there are more girls than Jean once thought
(c) parents make their daughters go to work
(d) ringers start coming to town more often

2. Who tells Jean about the land as they pass through?
(a) a fellow traveler in the taxi
(b) a fellow traveler on the bus
(c) a fellow traveler on the train
(d) a fellow traveler on the plane

3. What concerns Strachan about Joe's visit to his office?
(a) how much he can tell him
(b) how to get rid of him
(c) what kind of character he has
(d) how to prove his identity

4. Who tells Jean Paget this story?
(a) the women at Kuala Telang
(b) well diggers at Kuala Telang
(c) a missionary at Kuala Telang
(d) the headman at Kuala Telang

5. What does Strachan research about Jean's ancestors?
(a) to make sure she has no living relatives
(b) to make sure there are no Harmans included
(c) to make sure she came from Australian stock
(d) to make sure she is the rightful heir

6. When Jean and the Bowens pass by the tree where Joe had been nailed, what do they see?
(a) Malay women gossiping
(b) only the stump of the tree
(c) the nail holes still visible
(d) a plaque in honor of Joe

7. What prevents Jean from spending a lot of time at Midhurst?
(a) the rural code of morals
(b) the shop is too busy
(c) she has no transportation
(d) Joe is away a great deal of the time

8. Who are David and Joyce Bowen?
(a) people from the British consul service
(b) people who have Joe Harman's address
(c) people who knew Joe Harman
(d) people Jean stays with in Kuantan

9. What does Harman say about the town of Willstown now that Jean is there?
(a) it will be where they build a house
(b) it will need a railroad line soon
(c) it will soon be as good as Alice Springs
(d) it will never change no matter what she brings in

10. What is served at tea time which shocks Jean?
(a) hard bread and butter
(b) an enormous raost and plum pudding
(c) a steak and two fried eggs
(d) baked beans and pork

11. At Midhurst where does Harman sleep and do most of his living?
(a) in the living room
(b) in the cattle barn
(c) on the verandah
(d) in the kitchen

12. What does Jean treat herself to in Alice Springs?
(a) an air conditioned room
(b) a hamburger
(c) some fish and chips
(d) an ice cream soda

13. What does Strachan notice and cannot help but look at?
(a) Joe's round face
(b) Joe's thin physique
(c) Joe's scarred hands
(d) Joe's dark brown eyes

14. What does jean remember Joe Harman telling her?
(a) about Sydney
(b) about walkabouts
(c) about kangaroos
(d) about Alice Sprigs

15. Who arranges with Whelan and sons to order the lumber for the shop and bedroom annex?
(a) Jean Paget
(b) Hal Porter
(c) Joe Harman
(d) Mr. Strachan

Short Answer Questions

1. What report does Sugamo receive about Harman after the women have left?

2. How does Jean travel across central Australia?

3. Why is there such a turnover of ringers in the Willstown area?

4. Who is Joe Popcock that Jean meets at her hotel while talking to the ringers?

5. How is she able to do her project in the hotel?

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