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1. Describe how Jean Paget becomes the heir to Douglas Macfadden's estate.

Macfadden leaves his estate to a sister who lived in Malaya. In the event of her death before Douglas passes on, the estate will go to her son. As it turns out, both the mother and brother of Jean Paget have died and she is the last remaining heir to Macfadden's small fortune.

2. Explain why N. H. Strachan decides to handle the details of administering the will?

Strachan is semi-retired. He has trouble even remembering Macfadden, having seen him only once. He decides that handling this will is something to occupy his time constructively.

3. Why is Strachan more or less retired?

After losing his wife in 1935, he spends most of his time in his club rather than the office every day. Because of that he has lost touch with most of his clients.

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