A Town Like Alice Character Descriptions

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Jean Paget

The novel's protagonist who narrates to her elderly London lawyer her harrowing experiences on the Malay Peninsula during World War II.

Joe Harman

An Australian POW in Malaya during World War II who drives trucks for the Japanese occupation force.

Noel H. Strachan

The aging, widowed senior partner in a London law firm who tracks down 27-year-old Jean Paget, the sole heir to the fortune of a Scottish client, Douglas Macfadden.

Jacqueline Bacon

She operates the wireless service from the Cairns Ambulance and Fire Station and proves the central hub in the dramatic rescue of Don Curtis when he breaks a leg deep in the outback.

Don Curtis

On a stormy night to Disappointment Creek with Sampson, his Abo stock rider, his horse returns overnight riderless, putting his wife Helen into a panic.

Mrs. Frith

A 15-year resident of Malaya, she is a negative influence on...

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