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Chapter 1

• The characters of Strachan and Macfadden are introduced in their respective settings of London and Scotland.

• The details of Macfadden's will are spelled out, providing the basis for the future complications within the story.
• Strachan decides to look after the matter personally instead of turning it over to an associate; his action represents a kind of return to life.

• The problem of locating Jean Paget becomes the first order of business and shows Strachan's methodical nature.
• When Miss Jean Paget shows up at Strachan's office, he finds her a bit mysterious and intriguing, awakening feelings in him dormant since his wife died.

• Strachan explains the terms of Macfadden's will pending certain proof documents and invites the young woman to dinner at his club.
• Strachan gathers all the information that frees the legacy for Jean Paget, relating the gruesome details of her brother's death as gently as possible...

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