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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What branch of the military did Will serve?
(a) The Army.
(b) The Marines.
(c) The Navy.
(d) The Air Force.

2. What advantage does Meg have over Molly?
(a) She is smarter.
(b) She is taller.
(c) She is older.
(d) She is prettier.

3. What does Meg want to be when she grows up?
(a) Important.
(b) A teacher.
(c) A wife.
(d) Rich.

4. Who does Meg's father mumble to in his office?
(a) His book.
(b) His dead father.
(c) His co-worker.
(d) Himself.

5. What was the reason for the family moving?
(a) All of these.
(b) To get healthy.
(c) To save money.
(d) To get away from distractions.

6. Why does Will like Meg's name so much?
(a) It was his mother's name.
(b) It was his daughter's name.
(c) It was his wife's name.
(d) It was his dog's name.

7. Why has Will's nephew been calling Charles?
(a) To get legal advice.
(b) To check up on Will.
(c) To see where he stands on the issue.
(d) To put an offer on the house.

8. What makes it hard for Meg to concentrate on her school work?
(a) Her own illness.
(b) Her parents' behavior.
(c) The strange weather.
(d) Her worry over Molly.

9. What does Meg feel like when she develops the first photos in the darkroom?
(a) An architect.
(b) A critic.
(c) An artist.
(d) A professional.

10. Where does Will buy his camera?
(a) Japan.
(b) Washington DC.
(c) Germany.
(d) Italy.

11. What is Will's nickname?
(a) Loony Willie.
(b) Lonely Willy.
(c) Old Man Will.
(d) Willfull.

12. Where does Meg wait while Molly is taken to the hospital?
(a) Her father's office.
(b) Her bedroom.
(c) The darkroom.
(d) The kitchen.

13. Whose decision was it to move to the country?
(a) Meg.
(b) Lydia.
(c) Molly.
(d) Charles.

14. What keeps Meg from walking over to Will's house?
(a) Her father.
(b) The closed bridge.
(c) Her homework.
(d) The cold.

15. Where is medicine injected into Molly?
(a) Her temple.
(b) Her spine.
(c) Her nose.
(d) Her ears.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Molly makes sketches of?

2. What is Will's last name?

3. How does Meg feel when she hears her father working in his study?

4. How old is Meg when the family moves?

5. What does Will's Easter egg smell like?

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