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New England

Meg must move from here with her family.

The Farm

Charles decides to move here where he won't be disturbed by distractions from the university where he works as a professor.

Macwahoc Valley Consolidated School

This is where Meg and Molly go after they move.

The Farmhouse

This was originally built in 1840.

Meg and Molly's Room

Molly draws a chalk line down the middle of this.

Will's House

Meg is impressed with this place that she describes as neat and perfect.

The Darkroom

Charles builds this for Meg where she can develop her own film.

Will's Camera

This was purchased during World War II.

Portland, Maine

When Molly falls ill, she is taken to a hospital here.

The Museum Exhibition

This includes the works of some of the most famous photographers in the world.

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