A Summer to Die Character Descriptions

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Meg Chalmers - This character is thirteen-years-old when she is told by her parents that the family is moving to a farmhouse.

Will Banks - This character is the seventy-year-old owner of a farm.

Molly - This character is the beautiful and popular sister who falls ill with a terminal disease.

Charles - This character is a university professor who is writing a book.

Lydia - This character makes a quilt using pieces from clothing that her daughters wore when they were little.

Maria - This character is a new neighbor who is expecting her first child.

Ben - This character studied childbirth and plans to have his baby at home.

Happy William - This character is born at home.

Tierney - This character stops calling his girlfriend when she becomes terminally ill.

Mr. Huntington - This character wants to take over the farm and build more...

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