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Chapter 1

• Meg and Molly are teenage sisters who are forced to move to a new home in the country so their father can write a book in peace.
• Molly is upset when she has to give her cheerleading spot to another girl, but becomes a cheerleader with friends and a boyfriend in the new school within a month.
• Meg and Molly are not good at sharing a room because they are so different and have never had to share before.

• Molly draws a line down the middle of the room.

Chapter 2

• Molly and her mother are very alike which gives them a special bond. Meg is like her father, but he is always busy writing his book.

• Meg's mother starts making a quilt made from Meg and Molly's baby clothes.
• Molly is dating a boy named Tierny. Meg is not surprised as she always has a boyfriend.

• Meg...

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