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Hinduism - This is the religion of the majority of the people of India.

Muslim - This refers to a person whose religion is Islam, the religion of a large minority of the people of India.

The Gold Medals - These awards are given to Mrs. Rupa Mehra and are precious mementos of her late husband.

The Ganga - This is a sacred river of India.

The Tanning Pits - This foul smelling place is where leather is cured before going to leather craft establishments.

Holi - This religious holiday is celebrated by splashing people with brightly colored water.

Brogues - These shoes are favored by Haresh because they represent British superiority to him.

Twelfth Night - This Shakespearean play is produced by the university, and Lata plays the part of Olivia.

The Cawnpore Leather & Footwear Company - This is the first company Haresh works for...

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