A Suitable Boy Character Descriptions

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Lata Mehra - This central character of the novel is the younger daughter of a widow and is first seen at the wedding of her sister.

Mrs. Rupa Mehra - This character is a widow and mother of the protagonist and is a traditionalist and a firm Hindu.

Kabir Durrani - This Muslim character is the epitome of the unsuitable boy in this story of Hindu marriage customs, yet he falls in love with the protagonist and pursues her relentlessly.

Mahesh Kapoor - This is the central character in the sub-plot of politics in the early days of Indian independence and is a consummate politician.

Maan Kapoor - At the outset of the novel, this character is a dilettante without direction in life, and this character's father is too involved in his political career to pay him much attention.

Malati - This Hindu character is flamboyant...

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