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Objective: Chapter 1, Prologue: Chett | Chapter 2, Jaime | Chapter 3, Catelyn Author George R. R. Martin is well known for the Machiavellian behavior of the characters in his "Song of Ice and Fire" series. The characters in the third novel of this epic series, "A Storm of Swords" continue their duplicitous efforts to gain power and undermine rival families. The objective of this lesson is to explore the Machiavellian behavior of Martin's characters and the conspiracies that arise throughout the novel.

1. As a class, discuss the concept of Machiavellianism. What is the history of Machiavellianism? What are some characteristics of a Machiavellian person? What Machiavellian tendencies do the characters of the novel exhibit?

2. Have each student choose a character from the first three chapters and list the Machiavellian traits that character exhibits. The students should write an accompanying paragraph that theorizes as to how this character will use those traits...

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