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Chapter 1, Prologue: Chett | Chapter 2, Jaime | Chapter 3, Catelyn

• Three hundred of the Night's Watch are searching for missing rangers.

• Chett and others discuss their plot to kill the officers of the watch.

• Thoren Smallwood and Ser Mallador Locke try to convince Lord Mormont to attack the 30,000 Wildlings that are approaching.

• Lord Mormont decides to wait for the return of his scouts, but later informs his men that they will attack the Wildlings at dawn.

• Just as Chett approaches Sam Tarly with the intent to murder him, the horn signals that the Others have come.

• Brienne and Ser Cleos are escorting Jaime Lannister to his brother, Tyrion.

• Lady Catelyn Stark has helped Jaime escape from prison so he can convince Tyrion to release her daughters.

• Brienne knows that Jamie attempted to kill 7-year-old Brandon Stark by throwing him out a window.

• Jamie and Brienne bury several tavern wenches who may...

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