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Short Answer Questions

1. How many times did Trent magic miss Bink while in dual?

2. What is the only way Chameleon will disarm her bomb?

3. What does the soldier think of Magician Trent?

4. What was the first thing that Fanchon did when she recovered?

5. What is making the pursuit through the forest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What qualities does Trent believe would make Bink an excellent citizen of Xanth?

2. What was Bink's argument against Trent going his own way?

3. What was the soldier's attitude to animal brides?

4. How was the trio's departure this time from the castle, different from when they arrived?

5. How did Chester react to Bink's mention of Herman the Hermit?

6. What did Trent promise his soldiers?

7. What were the two conditions Trent had to fulfill to stay in Xanth?

8. What was the reason the soldier allowed himself to be recruited?

9. What does Chameleon represent to Bink?

10. Why couldn't Trent finish Bink off?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In what ways does Xanth need the Magician Trent? In Bink's point of view, in what ways is Xanth better off without Trent? Which points do you think are most correct and why?

Essay Topic 2

What was the importance of Bink and Fanchon safeguarding their individual interests even when confined together? How was this an intelligent move on both their parts?

Essay Topic 3

Illustrate Bink's change in attitude to the Evil Magician Trent? What events spawned this change?

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