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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal did Trent transform Bink into to make sure he was noticed?
(a) A purple spotted Sphinx
(b) A fancy feathered, fire winged phoenix
(c) A purple leopard
(d) A beautiful ogre

2. How did Bink get the monster to shove off?
(a) He invoked a charm
(b) He threw the elixir at it
(c) He hit it over the head with his fists
(d) Hit it on the head with an oar

3. What is it that Bink longs to understand?
(a) How Sabrina could have treated him the way she did
(b) The minds of women
(c) How Trent thinks he can take over Xanth
(d) The nature of magic itself

4. Who would Fanchon not mind being?
(a) Iris
(b) Wynne
(c) Sabrina
(d) Dee

5. What did Trent transform Bink and Fanchon into?
(a) Krakens
(b) Sea turtles
(c) Into fish
(d) Into crocodiles

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Fanchon seen doing?

2. What are mundane wiggles called?

3. What does Bink find about Fanchon?

4. Who rescued Bink this time?

5. What did Chameleon discover on the castle grounds?

Short Essay Questions

1. What had distracted Chameleon and what was its purpose?

2. How did Bink escape the carnivorous grass?

3. What was the reason the soldier allowed himself to be recruited?

4. What is the Xanthian version of the Sphinx?

5. How could Trent force Bink and Chameleon to stop their quest?

6. What qualities does Trent believe would make Bink an excellent citizen of Xanth?

7. What is the assumed purpose of the magic sniffer?

8. Where were Trent and Fanchon while the fight over Bink was ensuing?

9. How did Chester react to Bink's mention of Herman the Hermit?

10. Why does Trent dislike transforming monsters?

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