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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would Trent do if he wanted to poison Bink and Fanchon?
(a) Pour it over their heads
(b) Slip it into their cake
(c) He wouldn't poison them
(d) Slip it into their wine

2. What is it that Bink longs to understand?
(a) How Trent thinks he can take over Xanth
(b) The nature of magic itself
(c) How Sabrina could have treated him the way she did
(d) The minds of women

3. What kind of monster did Bink come across in the rowboat?
(a) A monstrous squid
(b) A crocodile
(c) A kraken
(d) A shark

4. How did Trent rescue Fanchon?
(a) He sliced a length of vine from the kraken tree
(b) He transformed the tree
(c) He threatened the tree
(d) He cut down the tree

5. What are mundane wiggles called?
(a) Stones
(b) Bullets
(c) Arrows
(d) Dynamite

Short Answer Questions

1. What did they come across?

2. What was guarding the elixer?

3. What does the harpy threaten to do?

4. What do Herman and Trent share?

5. Who did Bink kill when he had been transformed?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Chester react to Bink's mention of Herman the Hermit?

2. What had distracted Chameleon and what was its purpose?

3. How does Fanchon intend to escape?

4. Where were Trent and Fanchon while the fight over Bink was ensuing?

5. How does Trent know that he won't be put across the shield again?

6. How was the trio's departure this time from the castle, different from when they arrived?

7. What were the two conditions Trent had to fulfill to stay in Xanth?

8. Why does Trent dislike transforming monsters?

9. What was Fanchon's argument against Magician Trent?

10. What was the reason the soldier allowed himself to be recruited?

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