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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Bink chase after Dee?
(a) He liked her
(b) He was in love with her
(c) He wanted to tell her off
(d) He felt Crombie had wronged her unfairly

2. What does the harpy threaten to do?
(a) Lick his liver
(b) Goozle his gizzard
(c) Gargle his gizzard
(d) Sample his stomach

3. What was the first thing that Fanchon did when she recovered?
(a) She looked around for any other foul magic
(b) She and Bink went over their plan to stop Trent
(c) She chided Bink's acceptance of the truce again
(d) She got the gourd and wrapped it in a towel

4. What was the outcome of the dual?
(a) Chameleon was mortally wounded, and Bink lost
(b) Iris was wounded and Bink won
(c) Bink was mortally wounded and lost the battle
(d) Trent was wounded and Bink won

5. What kind of distraction did Fanchon provide?
(a) She started to rock the boat
(b) She splashed water at them
(c) A clamor as though someone was drowning
(d) She yelled and drew their attention

6. Who got to Trent and immobilized him?
(a) Humfrey
(b) Bink
(c) Iris
(d) Roland

7. What does Trent do to Bink?
(a) Threatens him
(b) Transforms him
(c) Tries to convince him not to leave
(d) Kills him

8. Where was Bink thrown?
(a) In a cage
(b) In a pit
(c) In a cave
(d) In a cell

9. What was Fanchon seen doing?
(a) Staring at the Evil Magician
(b) Staring at Bink
(c) Flicking leaves into the water
(d) Going to the toilet

10. What did Trent tell Castle Roogna?
(a) That they were leaving, and it better not try and stop them
(b) That Bink had threatened to blow up the castle
(c) That he would return as king
(d) That he would transform the zombies if they didn't let Bink go

11. Where was Magician Trent?
(a) In a conference
(b) In the orchard, practicing archery
(c) Talking to Roogna
(d) Over a tome

12. What is Trent's first move in office?
(a) To put forth a study to the origins of magic
(b) To pardon Bink and Chameleon
(c) To execute the old king
(d) To put Bink and Chameleon on trial for treason

13. What was the first predator to arrive at the sound of Bink's cries?
(a) A harpy
(b) A catoblepas
(c) An argus
(d) A sea serpent

14. Where was Trent?
(a) Laying in a patch of carnivorous grass
(b) Caught in the gourd
(c) Battling the catoblepas
(d) Battling the Harpy

15. What was the second temptation Trent gave to Fanchon and Bink?
(a) Their own winged centaur to fly around with
(b) A house in the country with servants
(c) Veto power over his transformations
(d) Duke and Duchess kingdoms and a castle

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it that Bink longs to understand?

2. Why did Trent save Bink?

3. What would Trent do if he wanted to poison Bink and Fanchon?

4. What does Sorceress Iris want to do?

5. What food did Trent offer Bink and Fanchon?

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