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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Trent give to Bink close to the end of the chapter?
(a) His transforming ability
(b) The tome he was reading
(c) His word of honor
(d) His sword

2. What did Bink hope that someday someone would develop?
(a) A pot that smelled of perfume
(b) A pot that smelled of roses
(c) Guards that were easier to trick
(d) A grate that wasn't so heavy

3. What did Trent compel from Bink?
(a) Trust
(b) Dishonor
(c) Loyalty
(d) Distrust

4. Where was Trent?
(a) Battling the Harpy
(b) Battling the catoblepas
(c) Laying in a patch of carnivorous grass
(d) Caught in the gourd

5. What does the experience of Bink as a salamander teach him about Trent?
(a) Trent can destroy Xanth at anytime by creating a few salamanders
(b) Trent is capable of handling any situation
(c) Trent could kill them all by making wiggles
(d) Trent can really give a transformee abilities that animal possesses

6. What did Trent transform Bink and Fanchon into?
(a) Krakens
(b) Into fish
(c) Into crocodiles
(d) Sea turtles

7. What was extremely fortunate timing?
(a) All of these
(b) The whirlpool bringing them to Xanth
(c) The resuscitation of Bink
(d) The breaking of the vial of elixir

8. What is Chameleon's innocent suggestion?
(a) She could blow up Trent
(b) She could blow up the zombies
(c) She could blow up the castle
(d) She could threaten Trent

9. What is the only way Chameleon will disarm her bomb?
(a) If she sees the ghosts
(b) If she sees anyone
(c) If she sees Bink
(d) If she sees Trent

10. What do Bink and Fanchon encounter after they escape the Kraken cave?
(a) A hippocampus
(b) A herd of Centaurs
(c) Mermaids and mermen
(d) Nothing

11. Why did Trent save Bink?
(a) Trent still needed information from Bink
(b) It was the decent thing to do
(c) Trent likes Bink
(d) Fanchon threatened him

12. How did Trent rescue Fanchon?
(a) He sliced a length of vine from the kraken tree
(b) He threatened the tree
(c) He cut down the tree
(d) He transformed the tree

13. What is it that Bink longs to understand?
(a) How Trent thinks he can take over Xanth
(b) How Sabrina could have treated him the way she did
(c) The nature of magic itself
(d) The minds of women

14. Why did Bink chase after Dee?
(a) He felt Crombie had wronged her unfairly
(b) He was in love with her
(c) He wanted to tell her off
(d) He liked her

15. What did Bink fear to do?
(a) Leave the castle
(b) Associate too close with too changeable an entity
(c) Confront Magician Trent
(d) Face off with the Storm King

Short Answer Questions

1. Who rescued Bink this time?

2. How did Bink get the monster to shove off?

3. What does Trent do to Bink?

4. How did the three feel when they had left Castle Roogna?

5. What was the first predator to arrive at the sound of Bink's cries?

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