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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the manticora's tail hit?
(a) The door
(b) Bink's shoulder
(c) The stone wall
(d) Above Bink's right shoulder

2. What did the First Wavers build when they had gotten over the initial shock of Xanth?
(a) A great stone wall
(b) Wooden hutches
(c) A great stone Longhouse
(d) Wooden homes

3. What did Bink want for dinner?
(a) Roast Dragon with gravy
(b) Dragon stew
(c) Dragon Steak with hot sauce
(d) Roast pig

4. Who is Beauregard?
(a) Humfrey, it is his real name
(b) A magic word
(c) A demon Humfrey keeps in a bottle
(d) An incantation

5. What is Bianca's talent?
(a) The Rewind
(b) The Redo
(c) The Replay
(d) Reinventing

6. What is the standard test of a supernatural being?
(a) If they speak no ill will, they're human
(b) If they don't die, they're human
(c) If they eat, they're human
(d) If a finger is pricked and it bleeds, it's human

7. What kind of creature was in the moat?
(a) A water dragon
(b) A hippocampus
(c) A sea serpent
(d) A merman

8. What was the first thing the lizard metamorphosed into?
(a) Stench puffer
(b) Fiery salamander
(c) Stingray beetle
(d) Basilisk

9. What does Bink call the second person exiled from Xanth, just as he is removed?
(a) A loser
(b) An idiot
(c) A traitor
(d) A selfish lout

10. What does Trent want with Bink?
(a) The coordinates of Magician Humfrey's castle
(b) An audience with Sorceress Iris
(c) The coordinates for the Storm King's castle
(d) The precise location of the Shield stone

11. What was the key word Bink said to pacify the needle cactus?
(a) Pal
(b) Friend
(c) Stop
(d) Hold

12. What kind of creature was the most varied and dangerous sort in Xanth?
(a) Mermaids
(b) Tangle trees
(c) Krakens
(d) Dragons

13. What creature does Bink find that there is no more hateful thing?
(a) A phonix
(b) A wiggle
(c) A griffin
(d) A harpy

14. What did Crombie teach Bink to do?
(a) How to win a fist fight
(b) Throw a man
(c) How to die with honor
(d) Swordfight

15. What unnerved Bink about a particular region along his travels?
(a) Trees twisted into pretzels which is evidence of ogres
(b) The lack of anything interesting
(c) The presence of dragon tracks
(d) Small wormlike holes in everything

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did the mirror show Bink was the the fairest human girl of all?

2. Bink would do anything to stay in Xanth, but what?

3. What does Bink vow to find in the next day?

4. What animal was wounded and drank from the spring?

5. Who did Bink choose as a companion through the Peace pines?

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