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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the first thing the lizard metamorphosed into?
(a) Stingray beetle
(b) Fiery salamander
(c) Stench puffer
(d) Basilisk

2. What unnerved Bink about a particular region along his travels?
(a) Small wormlike holes in everything
(b) The presence of dragon tracks
(c) The lack of anything interesting
(d) Trees twisted into pretzels which is evidence of ogres

3. Who greets Bink when he comes back?
(a) Sabrina
(b) Roland and Bianca
(c) Zink
(d) Justin Tree

4. How did Bink feel about the castle?
(a) It was impressive
(b) Is was nothing special
(c) It was remarkable
(d) It was intimidating

5. What happened to the First Wave children?
(a) They interbred with animals and the crossbreeds were born
(b) They were bigger and stronger than their parents
(c) They came out deformed
(d) They were born with magic

6. What good were the sponges Bink sought?
(a) Painkillers
(b) Provide healing
(c) Staunch wounds and provide healing
(d) Staunch wounds

7. How far did Crombie take Bink?
(a) To the edge of the forest
(b) To the front gates of the castle
(c) To within sight of the Good Magician's castle
(d) To the bank of the nearest river

8. What did the centaur's hoof hit when it missed Bink?
(a) A beerbarrel tree
(b) A tangle tree
(c) A fire ants nest
(d) The needle cactus

9. How could illusions kill?
(a) If illusion were to mask a pit
(b) If illusion could make a bridge over a chasm where there was none
(c) If a pretty glade was where a forest of tangle trees were
(d) Illusions could kill if one heeded them

10. What animal was wounded and drank from the spring?
(a) A chipmouse
(b) A dragon
(c) A unicorn
(d) A chimera

11. What did Bink believe the little lizard could represent?
(a) His mother
(b) His sister
(c) An omen
(d) His father

12. Where does Bink kick the Manticora?
(a) In the shins
(b) In the ribs
(c) On the nose
(d) In the rear

13. What did Bink have to agree to to stay the night?
(a) To stand in for the farmer in a trial
(b) To chop four cords of firewood
(c) To turn out the stables
(d) To wash all the dishes

14. What was the first thing Bink did when he was out of Xanth?
(a) Looked for anything familiar
(b) Took note of his surroundings
(c) Cried
(d) Screamed in agony

15. How was the landscape south of the chasm rougher than the north?
(a) It contained more chasms
(b) It was more like marshland
(c) It was more mountainous
(d) It contained more harmful animals

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Bink contemptuously known as?

2. What is on the monster's back?

3. What do Mundanian historical records report of magical beasts?

4. What is so important to the manticora?

5. What does Bink come across in a ditch?

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