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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many seconds did Bink have when the stone turned red?
(a) Four
(b) Five
(c) Six
(d) Ten

2. What deed did Donald need performed to dissipate?
(a) To exact revenge
(b) To tell his wife where the Silver Tree grows
(c) To tell his wife what happened to him
(d) To get out of the hole and hurt the person that hurt him

3. What happened to the First Wave children?
(a) They interbred with animals and the crossbreeds were born
(b) They were born with magic
(c) They were bigger and stronger than their parents
(d) They came out deformed

4. What does Bink vow to find in the next day?
(a) Another willing person to stay the night with
(b) A blanket tree and some hotsoup gourds
(c) A pillow bush and hotsoup gourds
(d) Another farmer to seek lodging with

5. What creature does Bink find that there is no more hateful thing?
(a) A harpy
(b) A phonix
(c) A wiggle
(d) A griffin

6. Who did Bink insult when he had won his way into the castle?
(a) The Gorgon
(b) Humfrey
(c) An elf
(d) Wira

7. Who did the mirror show Bink was the the fairest human girl of all?
(a) The Sorceress Iris
(b) All of these
(c) Wynne
(d) Sabrina

8. What animal was wounded and drank from the spring?
(a) A unicorn
(b) A dragon
(c) A chimera
(d) A chipmouse

9. What kind of storm did the King manifest?
(a) A lightning storm
(b) A hailstorm
(c) A tornado
(d) A slight breeze that ruffled the leaves on the ground

10. What sound did Bink make when he knocked on the door?
(a) Donk Donk Donk
(b) Dink dink dink
(c) Clink clink clink
(d) Bonk bonk

11. What made Bink cautious about unmarked, easy to travel paths?
(a) Many of those paths lead to cannibal people
(b) He knows they aren't mapped
(c) He prefers the road less travelled
(d) Lots of paths like that lead to carnivorous plants

12. What does Bink call the second person exiled from Xanth, just as he is removed?
(a) A traitor
(b) A loser
(c) An idiot
(d) A selfish lout

13. What is the main issue with the beautiful young woman?
(a) She is hot tempered
(b) She's married, and Bink's engaged
(c) She falsely accuses men of rape
(d) She's pretty, but stupid

14. What kind of sandwich did Bink eat?
(a) Crestmato
(b) Crestbacon
(c) Cresstato
(d) Cressmato

15. What did Bink have to agree to to stay the night?
(a) To chop four cords of firewood
(b) To wash all the dishes
(c) To stand in for the farmer in a trial
(d) To turn out the stables

Short Answer Questions

1. What kept Bink from being entirely too tempted?

2. What ate the lizard?

3. What do Mundanian historical records report of magical beasts?

4. What is the name of the beautiful girl from the trial?

5. What do all centaurs have in common aside from appearance?

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