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Xanth/North Village

At first glance this is a beautiful, peaceful place where magic seems to present an interesting diversion to the boring side of life.

The Gap

This is an enormous chasm that stretches from the eastern border of the land to the western, and is largely forgotten about by the people who don't live near it.

Isle of Illusion

This is the home of the Sorceress Iris.

The Spring of Life

This heals upon contact so long as the person does not act against the well-being of the benefactor.

Castle of Good Magician Humphrey

This is the place to which the main character journeys to find out about his talent for good or evil.

The Magical Shield

This serves as the border between Xanth and Mundania, and causes instant death, though is invisible.

Trent's camp/The pit

This is where the main character meets Fanchon, and...

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