A Spell for Chameleon Fun Activities

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Create a New Plant for Xanth

Student should create a plant with a magical ability, talent, or useful magic to either itself, or others. The more creative the better. Student should also provide a detailed description or drawing of the plant.

Create a Talent for Yourself

Student should aptly describe what talent they would want as a citizen of Xanth, and how it would affect themselves or others.

Create a Brief Chapter Analysis as though Bink were Evil

Student should chose in every situation that Bink chose to be good and honest, to make him evil and malicious.

Design a Magical Predator

The students should design a predator that could only exist in a magical world.

Draw Trent using the Descriptions of him in the Book

Student should create or find an image that responds to the image of Trent in the book.

Create Prey for a Predator in Xanth

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