A Spell for Chameleon Character Descriptions

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This character is the main character and is antagonized and has the unfortunate nickname of the "Spell-less Wonder."


The three aspects of the same person that vary in intelligence and beauty inversely. When this character is most beautiful, they are also most stupid.


This character is portrayed as evil, but was in actuality unscrupulous and unforgiving. Later this character returns to Xanth and sets right some original wrongs.

Good Magician Humphrey

This character is known to be an indefatigable source of information for the citizens of Xanth and also has the reputation of being ill-tempered and somewhat cantankerous, yet well known and liked.

Sorceress Iris

This character is a master of illusion, and is portrayed as an evil character who attempts to seduce the main character and overthrow the monarchy of Xanth.


This character is the main character's fiance in the...

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