Objects & Places from A Severe Mercy

Sheldon Vanauken
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This is Vanauken's childhood home and the setting for the first spring that the lovers spent as man and wife.

The Grey Goose

This was the name of Vanauken and Davy's dream boat.

Horsebite Hall

This was where Vanauken and Davy lived at Yale.

The Studio

This tiny apartment in Oxford became a social center.

Li'l Dreary

This was the tiny and sad house where Vanauken and Davy first lived when Vanauken began teaching at Lynchburg College.

Mole End

This was the name for the basement apartment where Davy spent her last days before going to the hospital.

The Gull

This was the name for Vanauken and Davy's first boat.

Lewis's Books and Letters

These helped Vanauken and Davy during their examination of the faith.

Vanauken's Poems

These were used to communicate ideas and capture moments and moods. Davy kept these with her in the hospital.


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