A Severe Mercy Fun Activities

Sheldon Vanauken
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Van's Poem

Write a poem that is similar to the poetry Van writes.

Davy's Painting

Make a painting that is similar to the paintings Davy paints.

Van's Church

Create a picture that shows what the church Van attends in England is like. Consider how the inside is described and what takes place there.

Time Line

Make a time line that shows all the important events that happen in the book.


Pretend you are either Van or Lewis and write a letter to the other person about religion.


Pretend you are Van and make a list of what you plan to buy with your first paycheck from teaching.

Travel Plans

Make travel plans for Van and Davy. Remember their interests.

New Cover

Create a new cover for this book. Why did you choose this cover?

Make a word search based on important vocabulary from the...

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