A Severe Mercy Character Descriptions

Sheldon Vanauken
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Sheldon Vanauken

This person struggled with religious beliefs and had the nickname Van.

Jean Davis

This person offered up their life for the betterment of others.

C.S. Lewis

This person exchanged letters with other characters to help them develop faith in God.


This person was a Christian student at Oxford.


This character became the personification of the breach of the Shining Barrier.


This character was a dog.


This character was a dog that had a poem written about him.

Shirley Rosser

This person was a physics professor.

Belle Hill

This person lived richly and taught at Lynchburg College.

Rector M.A.P. Wood

This person was an Anglican at Oxford.

Charles Williams

This person was a Christian writer who wrote about the idea of a holy exchange arranged between believers before God.

The Providential God

This character helped explain how things on earth...

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