A Severe Mercy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sheldon Vanauken
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Prologue: Glenmerle Revisited

• Van returned to Glenmerle, his childhood home.

• Van said he realized the power of emotions while in Kensington.

• Van was seeking joy.

• Van remembered his love, Davy, although she has been dead for six months.

The Shining Barrier (The Pagan Love)

• Van met Davy and the two fall in love.

• Van and Davy devoted themselves to each other and decided to get married.

• Van and Davy had a code in their marriage to promote honesty and trust.

• Van and Davy decided to live at sea and spend their days enjoying each other.

• Van was shipped out with the Navy as war began.

The Shadow of a Tree

• Van and Davy lived in Hawaii during the war.

• The bombing of Pearl Harbor made them realize how important they were to each other.

• After the war, Van and Davy sailed around Florida.

• After running into a man...

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