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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of Sophie's boat?
(a) Reve Bleu.
(b) Riviera Blue.
(c) Le Bleu.
(d) Blue River.

2. What kind of boat did Cleopatra hate?
(a) Cigarette boat.
(b) Shrimp boat.
(c) Swamp boat.
(d) Banana boat.

3. Who takes command of the Lucretia after Solomon retires?
(a) Diver.
(b) Roberto.
(c) Benjamin.
(d) Joshua.

4. Where did Dawn get thrown into jail?
(a) Austin.
(b) Tulsa.
(c) Miami.
(d) Pheonix.

5. Who is Sophie's grandfather?
(a) Ronald Diamond.
(b) Donald Diamond.
(c) Teddy Diamond.
(d) Johnny Diamond.

6. Tully has a job designing what in the Epilogue?
(a) Boats.
(b) Cottages.
(c) Lighthouses.
(d) Fishing lodges.

7. Where does Willie go to look for Waltham?
(a) Vanuatu.
(b) Minola.
(c) Luganville.
(d) Dalvalo.

8. What was the original name of the Lucretia?
(a) Amore.
(b) Nautica.
(c) Neptunia.
(d) Atlantis.

9. What did Waltham and Parfait bring to Cleopatra's grave?
(a) Tarpon fin.
(b) Sacred tree.
(c) Bull's eye lens.
(d) Conch shell.

10. What is the name of Cleopatra's personal doctor?
(a) Dr. Vega.
(b) Dr. Malta.
(c) Dr. Norriega.
(d) Dr. Vanuta.

11. What does Waldo tell Archie and others that they are doing with Tully when they show up in the Land Rover?
(a) Playing cards.
(b) Having a picnic.
(c) Shooting a movie.
(d) Kidnapping him.

12. What does Cleopatra call her dancing earrings?
(a) A lizard.
(b) A firefly.
(c) A marble.
(d) A penny.

13. What kind of mask does Tully wear to get past one of the bounty hunters?
(a) President Bush.
(b) President Reagan.
(c) Frankenstein.
(d) Scream.

14. Which of the following is NOT one of the things Cleopatra is buried with?
(a) Dirt from Havana.
(b) Lister's conch.
(c) Baseball signed by El Cohete.
(d) A toy box.

15. Where is Cleopatra buried?
(a) Osprey Point.
(b) Cabin Boy Bay.
(c) Fortune Island.
(d) Sunset Cove.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Cleopatra buried?

2. At the end of Chapter 42, Tully understands why Cleopatra ______.

3. Ix-Nay tells Tully that grief is like what?

4. The first time Tully saw Dawn, what did he call her?

5. Where is Sophie's book a huge success?

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