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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Tully Mars is on a journey of self-discovery. But, like any trip, this journey is sometimes at the mercy of the weather. The objective of this lesson is understanding the importance of weather phenomena to events in the novel.


1. Discuss as a class how weather signifies some kind of change throughout the novel, starting with the eroded padlock on the lighthouse. What does this symbolize? How does Cleopatra get the lock off the door? What could this act signify?

2. In the second chapter, we learn that Tully's father is killed by an avalanche. Why do you think Buffet chose this manner of death? How is this symbolic on many levels? How dramatically did this change Tully's life? Answer fully in paragraphs.

3. Break into small groups to discuss Tully's lucky conch shell and how after losing it he finds it in a snowstorm. What...

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