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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Caputo as he is crawling on his stomach to get back to his men?

2. What is going on inside the operations tent the night of the assault?

3. What tale does Colonel Nickerson love to recount?

4. What is Caputo's reply to an officer who says the PFCs are shooting at shadows again?

5. Lieutenant Reason goes out leading a platoon. How does he return?

Short Essay Questions

1. What work has to be done as the Regimental HQ is moved to Dai-La Pass?

2. What are some of the contradictions Caputo itemizes about the war?

3. Why is the chaplain upset?

4. Why are the VC attacking with small arms each night for several days?

5. Under assault conditions, what is the assistant adjutant's responsibility?

6. Why are the men of C Company pleased about the treats sent to them?

7. What does Corporal Stasek say about the bodies the colonel wants left out for the clerks and General Thompson to see?

8. Why does Caputo order the village fired upon by white phosphorus shells?

9. Why does Caputo volunteer for the line?

10. What effect does Colonel Nickerson have on the morale of the Marines?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a paper about the extreme brainwashing techniques used on Marines to turn them into savage killers. Write a paper discussing this practice and whether you think it is necessary. If not, what would you suggest to prepare men for war?

Essay Topic 2

Using the colonel who had bodies dug up to show a visiting general and the colonel who wanted his horseshoe pitch done during preparations for a VC offensive, discuss in a paper how some people rise to the top without having the necessary qualifications. Discuss in the paper whether you think this is a phenomenon limited to the military.

Essay Topic 3

A recurring theme in the book is fear. Using examples of extreme fear in the book, write a paper about how fear can cause people to do things they would not normally do. You may want to relate this to a personal example of behavior when you were very frightened.

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