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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Caputo classify Gen. Westmoreland?
(a) As a businessman
(b) As a fighting man
(c) As a public relations man
(d) As a figure head

2. Who was the first KIA in 1st Battalion?
(a) Peterson, who had been transferred.
(b) Corpsman Levy, a man Caputo knew.
(c) Sullivan
(d) The Battilion commander

3. What are the Marines doing in the truck beds?
(a) Holding up their rifles and yelling
(b) Singing the Marine Hymn
(c) Staying down under cover
(d) Firing at will

4. During the summer, how is life for the Vietnamese peasants?
(a) It is busy transplanting people to another area of the country.
(b) It is dead with no one working in the paddies.
(c) It is life as usual, working in the rice paddies.
(d) It is filled with apprehension about the VC.

5. Who issues ID cards to the Vietnamese?
(a) Official ones by the Vietnamese government and forged ones by the VC.
(b) The provencial governments in the country
(c) The US Embassy in Saigon
(d) The head man of each Vietnamese village

Short Answer Questions

1. What is going on inside the operations tent the night of the assault?

2. Why are Caputo and Crowe brought up on charges to face court martial?

3. What tale does Colonel Nickerson love to recount?

4. What is the meaning of Sympathetic Detonation?

5. What promise does Captain Neal make regardless of the ethic involved?

Short Essay Questions

1. What becomes Caputo's chief responsibility and how does he begin to see himself?

2. What does Caputo say about the effect of his job as Regimental Casualty Reporting Officer?

3. What does Corporal Stasek say about the bodies the colonel wants left out for the clerks and General Thompson to see?

4. What is the condition of the radio when Caputo gets it from inside the bunker?

5. Why does Caputo order the village fired upon by white phosphorus shells?

6. Why are the VC attacking with small arms each night for several days?

7. What work has to be done as the Regimental HQ is moved to Dai-La Pass?

8. Under assault conditions, what is the assistant adjutant's responsibility?

9. What is Caputo's opinion of Maj-Gen Lew Walt the night of the first VC assault on the battalion base camp?

10. What effect does Colonel Nickerson have on the morale of the Marines?

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