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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Elmer Fudd at division HQ?
(a) The bald headed Lt. Colonel Executive Officer for Colonel Wheeler.
(b) The chief cook at the officers' mess.
(c) The cartoon mascot of the division HQ.
(d) A pet monkey captured in the jungle.

2. Why does Caputo lose radio contact with one of his operators?
(a) The radio operator is shot.
(b) A tree falls on the radio operator.
(c) The old outdated equipment breaks down.
(d) A grenade cuts the land wire.

3. From the ridge where they are located, why can the platoon not fire mortars at the VC?
(a) They cannot fire off of a slope.
(b) They are out of range.
(c) The mortars are frozen up.
(d) The men with mortars were all KIA.

4. What is the joke Sgt. Hamilton says outside the adjutant's tent?
(a) Charlie finally learned how to find the fuse.
(b) How do I get out of this chicken shit organization?
(c) Someone should tell Charlie it is three days until the Fourth of July.
(d) I think it's time to get out of the kitchen.

5. What is the effect of burning magnesium?
(a) The smell of rotten eggs
(b) A column of white flame
(c) Incredible heat
(d) Like the lights on a football field at night

Short Answer Questions

1. What warning does Caputo receive after the destruction at Ha Na?

2. What does GSW stand for?

3. What are the Marines doing in the truck beds?

4. How does the paperwork in the adjutant's office appear to Caputo?

5. What evidence do they find to show it is a VC attack?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is so frustrating to Caputo during the trial?

2. Why does it take so long to launch Operation Long Lance?

3. What work has to be done as the Regimental HQ is moved to Dai-La Pass?

4. What does Caputo say about the effect of his job as Regimental Casualty Reporting Officer?

5. What is the ridiculous hold up in getting the evac helicopters to the platoon?

6. Why are the men of C Company pleased about the treats sent to them?

7. Why is the chaplain upset?

8. What are some of the contradictions Caputo itemizes about the war?

9. How does the platoon snap and go on a rampage/

10. Why are the VC attacking with small arms each night for several days?

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