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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By the time Caputo transfers back to a line company in 1st Battalion, what are his convictions about the war?
(a) He is more dedicated than ever.
(b) They have deteriorated to almost nothing.
(c) He has the same attitude he had when he arrived.
(d) He almost never thinks about it.

2. What tale does Colonel Nickerson love to recount?
(a) The taking of Phan Moon Jan
(b) D-Day in Europe
(c) His days at Quantico
(d) The landing at Guadalcanal

3. What promise does Captain Neal make regardless of the ethic involved?
(a) Any Marine who kills a VC will be flown back to base camp.
(b) Any Marine who kills a certified VC will get beer and time to drink it.
(c) Any Marine who kills a VC will be given a week's R and R.
(d) Any Marine who kills a VC will be given a promotion.

4. In reality, how much time per day does the adjutant work require?
(a) Three or four hours
(b) Six to eight hours per day
(c) At least ten hours a day
(d) Two hours in the mornings

5. What happens during Caputo's first night as assistant adjutant?
(a) The big guns fire all night and he cannot sleep.
(b) The mosquitoes swarm outside his tent.
(c) The base HQ comes under fire.
(d) He has dreams of Sullivan and the dead VC.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the paperwork in the adjutant's office appear to Caputo?

2. How does Caputo recall the two months after the Ha Na experience?

3. What job takes up most of Caputo's time as assistant adjutant?

4. What are the new Marines of 1st Battalion like when they first arrive?

5. What is the only advantage the platoon has over the VC at Hoi-Vuc?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are the VC attacking with small arms each night for several days?

2. What is the condition of the radio when Caputo gets it from inside the bunker?

3. What is the ridiculous hold up in getting the evac helicopters to the platoon?

4. What are some of the contradictions Caputo itemizes about the war?

5. Why is the chaplain upset?

6. Why is the old Vietnamese man lucky the night of the interrogation?

7. How serious are the results of the assault?

8. What is Caputo's opinion of Maj-Gen Lew Walt the night of the first VC assault on the battalion base camp?

9. Coming across a clearing, how does Caputo manage to get to the other side?

10. What is so frustrating to Caputo during the trial?

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