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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What promise does Captain Neal make regardless of the ethic involved?
(a) Any Marine who kills a VC will be given a promotion.
(b) Any Marine who kills a VC will be flown back to base camp.
(c) Any Marine who kills a certified VC will get beer and time to drink it.
(d) Any Marine who kills a VC will be given a week's R and R.

2. Why is an artillery attack denied when a patrol advancing to the base is spotted?
(a) A Marine patrol is lost out in the same area.
(b) No one has the exact coordinates.
(c) The higher commanders do not believe the report.
(d) New artillery ammunitions has not arrived.

3. What do Caputo and Crowe do with grenades on the way to Hill 92?
(a) Juggle them like a circus act.
(b) Place them carefully to blow up a booby trap.
(c) Throw them at a fleeing VC.
(d) Use them for apaerweights to hold down a map.

4. What causes the men to name one officer Captain Bligh?
(a) He orders the men to drop and do pushups for him.
(b) He pulls a rifle inspection on the line and reams out the whole platoon.
(c) He punches out a PFC for talking back to him.
(d) He shouts at them for having dirty uniforms.

5. What is Caputo's reply to an officer who says the PFCs are shooting at shadows again?
(a) He says, "you're probably right but what can we do about it?"
(b) He says,"Let them do it, it releases tension."
(c) He says that shadows do not carry rifles that sound like an AK-47.
(d) He says, "It's okay because it will scare the VC."

Short Answer Questions

1. What comes by belatedly as Caputo watches?

2. For what operation is C Company ordered to prepare?

3. Where does Caputo notice the VC has cut the chain link fence to infiltrate the airfield?

4. From where does the attrition in 1st Battalion come?

5. What are the three Skyhawks that arrive?

Short Essay Questions

1. Under assault conditions, what is the assistant adjutant's responsibility?

2. Why does Caputo order the village fired upon by white phosphorus shells?

3. Describe the Marines in Caputo's dream platoon.

4. What is Caputo's opinion of Maj-Gen Lew Walt the night of the first VC assault on the battalion base camp?

5. What effect does Colonel Nickerson have on the morale of the Marines?

6. Coming across a clearing, how does Caputo manage to get to the other side?

7. What is the ridiculous hold up in getting the evac helicopters to the platoon?

8. What does Caputo say about the effect of his job as Regimental Casualty Reporting Officer?

9. Why are the VC attacking with small arms each night for several days?

10. What is so frustrating to Caputo during the trial?

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