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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to an old Vietnamese woman chewing a beetle?
(a) McKenna shoots her when she spits beetle juice in his face.
(b) She dies of fright when she sees the soldiers.
(c) She is arrested and taken to HQ.
(d) She is tied to a water buffalo and sent into the paddies.

2. What happens to the Battalion Headquarters during Operation Long Lance?
(a) The officers all leave on a helicopter.
(b) Battalion HQ is attacked by a frightened water buffalo.
(c) Eight officers and a number of enlisted men are killed.
(d) They have to move farther back.

3. Why are Caputo and Crowe brought up on charges to face court martial?
(a) Some Vietnamese are shot standing still and not running.
(b) They are charged with using white-phosphorus at close range.
(c) The boy, Le Dung, is killed and the village files a protest.
(d) Crowe is blamed for killing the old woman under Caputo's orders.

4. After Caputo's dream, what vision does he have in the daylight?
(a) He sees ghosts of great military heroes.
(b) He sees his photo in a newspaper obituary column.
(c) He sees everything in slow motions.
(d) He sees the faces of Mora and Hamilton superimposed on dead bodies.

5. Who never looks up as they cross the muddy paddies?
(a) Three Vietnamese girls planting rice
(b) Some boys catching frogs
(c) An old farmer
(d) A water buffalo

Short Answer Questions

1. What begins happening at night at the Danang base?

2. What is it that Captain Neal wants from the platoon?

3. Why is an artillery attack denied when a patrol advancing to the base is spotted?

4. What is the only advantage the platoon has over the VC at Hoi-Vuc?

5. What exhilarates Caputo after the Hoi-Vuc village wipe out?

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