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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Caputo explain Peterson's walking away and not looking at Sullivan after he is shot?
(a) He thinks Marines have to be too tough.
(b) That is the way he is; he really loves this company.
(c) He has no patience for stupidity.
(d) He never could stand the sight of blood.

2. How does Caputo's attempt to get closer to his men on leave in Danang work out?
(a) The conversation is muddled and Caputo gives up.
(b) They become closer and Caputo listens to their advice.
(c) The enlisted men do not trust Caputo, the officer.
(d) They end up in a brawl until the MPs arrive.

3. How does Caputo describe his feeling after learning about the death and casualties?
(a) It is the first time he feelst the slimy, hollow-cold fear of death.
(b) It is the sadness of seeing his friends changed.
(c) It is the remorse of not having been with his men.
(d) It is the detachment of unreality.

4. What is Big Ivan?
(a) The radio communications system needed for orders on the combat
(b) The radio code name for the battery of howitzers used ahead of the troop movement into combat
(c) The general who is overseeing the troop movement into combat
(d) The squadron of helicopters that will take the troops into combat

5. How does the Marine frontal assault look to Caputo?
(a) Like Hannibal crossing the Alps.
(b) Nothing like the practice attacks at Quantico
(c) Like a snake with two heads
(d) Like a perfect military maneuver

Short Answer Questions

1. Who seems to know what will happen better than the soldiers?

2. What is to be the measure of victory in the battle?

3. What names does Caputo recall from his platoon?

4. What fills the foggy night after the pursuit of the VC and the body count?

5. What place do they pass through on the fourth day?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are the men of C Company pleased about the treats sent to them?

2. What does Caputo recall as he leaves the country in a CH-53 helicopter loaded with evacuees?

3. Why does the C-130 make a sudden steep assault-dive on the way to the war zone?

4. What is Caputo doing back in Vietnam in 1975?

5. What is the first month like after the battalion reaches Vietnam?

6. Coming across a clearing, how does Caputo manage to get to the other side?

7. What does Caputo recall when the helicopter he is in draws ground fire?

8. Describe the platoon sergeant, William Campbell.

9. What is it like going back toward Charlie Ridge?

10. What is the advantage on Hill 268 where Caputo's company is poistioned?

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