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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the feeling of the brigade as the offensive begins?
(a) That they were outnumbered by the enemy.
(b) That they could win the war alone.
(c) That they would all be killed.
(d) That it was just another drill.

2. What is the misconception the platoon has when they are deployed to Vietnam?
(a) The Marines enter a war they think they cannot lose.
(b) The Marines are sure they will not become casualties.
(c) The Marines believe they can win the war single handedly.
(d) The Marines think it will all be over in a week.

3. What sobering realization does Caputo come to after his service in Vietnam?
(a) He is too young when he enlists to realize how boring the military really is.
(b) That serving your country is a greater responsibility than anyone understands.
(c) That war is the only answer to the problems of the world.
(d) He wants so badly to be a man in the middle of danger, that he did not realize he iss toying with death.

4. How does Caputo explain Peterson's walking away and not looking at Sullivan after he is shot?
(a) He has no patience for stupidity.
(b) He never could stand the sight of blood.
(c) That is the way he is; he really loves this company.
(d) He thinks Marines have to be too tough.

5. Who seems to know what will happen better than the soldiers?
(a) The prostitutes
(b) The telephone operators
(c) The chaplains
(d) The messhall cooks

Short Answer Questions

1. What famous speech inspires Caputo to join the military?

2. Why throw a grenade instead of firing a rifle in the dark?

3. What game are Campbell and Greene playing in the NCO's tent when Caputo enters?

4. What do Caputo and his platoon have in common?

5. Where does Caputo go for advanced training?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what Caputo says is the worst thing about hiking in the jungle.

2. What is the new warfare of the New Frontier?

3. How does the platoon receive Caputo's first lecture?

4. What is it like for Caputo as they march back through Giao-Tri?

5. How do Caputo and his 40-odd men get transported to the war zone?

6. Explain why Caputo says that at age twenty-four he is more prepared for death than he is for life.

7. Describe the platoon sergeant, William Campbell.

8. Describe the Communist stronghold that Caputo first sees in Vietnam.

9. Sitting in the outpost ahead of C Company, what does Caputo have difficulty remembering?

10. What always comes to Caputo's mind when he thinks of basic training?

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