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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Caputo describe the feelings of the men after the destruction of the village Giao-Tri?
(a) The men wonder if that could ever happen in America.
(b) They are believing that there are no civilians in war.
(c) The men are learning to hate those who give succor to the enemy.
(d) There is great shock at how they went mad in the destruction.

2. What does Caputo almost trip over going through the high grass?
(a) A trip wire connected to a mine
(b) A dead water buffalo
(c) The radio operator
(d) A VC corpse

3. What does Caputo do at Camp Upshur, Virginia?
(a) He attends college classes.
(b) He gets his physical fitness examination.
(c) He goes through basic training.
(d) He waits for his orders to go to basic training.

4. What are the two problems Caputo says are the worst while they guard the landing field?
(a) The mosquitos and the pythons
(b) The long days and short nights
(c) The heat and boredom
(d) The rain and bad food

5. In this first offensive, how do Caputo and his men see themselves?
(a) As frightened school kids
(b) As unprepared for combat
(c) As boy scouts on a hike
(d) As knights in shining armor

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens about two hundred yards away from the village?

2. What do Caputo and his platoon have in common?

3. Why is Caputo relieved that the dead boy had no identification on him?

4. How does Caputo describe the Viet Cong division he first becomes aware of by looking at a site map, a map showing positions of allies and enemy in the field.

5. What place do they pass through on the fourth day?

Short Essay Questions

1. Early on the morning of his first assignment to go into combat, what fantasy goes through Caputo's head?

2. What do they find when they rush a base camp near the LZ?

3. What is it like for Caputo as they march back through Giao-Tri?

4. Describe the Annamese Cordillera.

5. Explain why Caputo says that at age twenty-four he is more prepared for death than he is for life.

6. What is it like going back toward Charlie Ridge?

7. Describe the French Fort overlooking the paddies west of Hill 327.

8. When does Caputo have his first realization of someone trying to kill him?

9. Why do the men continually have to be reminded to keep five paces between them and the next man?

10. What happens to the machine-gunner named Parker as they wait for a convoy?

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