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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What change does Caputo notice in his men back at their position on the hill?
(a) They have grown apart and do not look at each other.
(b) They have become even closer.
(c) They have all truned gray haired.
(d) They are withdrawn and wild-eyed.

2. What happens when Caputo drinks with some Australian soldiers?
(a) He gets drunk and wakes up the next morning in a bargirl's room.
(b) He drinks the Aussies under the table.
(c) He ends up having to pay for the drinks.
(d) He has one drink and leaves before things get out of hand.

3. What does Caputo observe about the young mother as they are searching her house?
(a) How she covers her face with a scarf.
(b) How she looks on with complete passivity and without without expression.
(c) How frightened she looks.
(d) How she appreciates his putting everything back in place.

4. What is the real resistance walking from the L to the Vietnamese village?
(a) The land, the sun, and the jungle
(b) Farmers armed with pitchforks
(c) Constant sniper fire
(d) Muddy rice paddies

5. Where are most of the men when the orders come to deploy to Vietnam?
(a) On leave in Tokyo
(b) Asleep in their quarters
(c) Out drinking and visiting the Okinawan prostitutes
(d) Sitting on the beach surf fishing

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens right under their noses as they settle into Danang?

2. What is the change that takes place at Hill 327?

3. What is everyone told about the war in the first briefing Caputo attends?

4. What is the refrain the sergeant teaches the men during war training?

5. How does Caputo's attempt to get closer to his men on leave in Danang work out?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the French Fort overlooking the paddies west of Hill 327.

2. Describe the Annamese Cordillera.

3. Why does the C-130 make a sudden steep assault-dive on the way to the war zone?

4. Why does he say he fears being an unsat or a marginal?

5. Describe the platoon sergeant, William Campbell.

6. What happens to the machine-gunner named Parker as they wait for a convoy?

7. How do Caputo and his 40-odd men get transported to the war zone?

8. Sitting in the outpost ahead of C Company, what does Caputo have difficulty remembering?

9. How does the platoon receive Caputo's first lecture?

10. What does Caputo sense at his old base camp when he goes to collect his belongings?

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