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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Caputo describe the Viet Cong division he first becomes aware of by looking at a site map, a map showing positions of allies and enemy in the field.
(a) It is poorly organized but almost invisible.
(b) Instead of an insurgency, it is an attack force.
(c) Instead of a phantom sniper, it is a whole division of phantoms.
(d) It is situated in places unseen in the daylight.

2. What do they experience on their first night?
(a) The night becomes unbearably cold.
(b) At night they can see the flashes of bombs detonated.
(c) Night brings sniper fire in the distance and swarms of biting insects.
(d) Night brings on a monsoon rain.

3. What is the misconception the platoon has when they are deployed to Vietnam?
(a) The Marines are sure they will not become casualties.
(b) The Marines enter a war they think they cannot lose.
(c) The Marines think it will all be over in a week.
(d) The Marines believe they can win the war single handedly.

4. What does Lemmon say they are trying to do while the Howies are strafing the area?
(a) Looking for the LZ
(b) Praying for rain
(c) Rescue civilians
(d) Running for cover

5. What position does Battalion Headquarters take on identifying a Viet Cong?
(a) If he has a Russian made gun, he is a Viet Cong.
(b) If he is dead and Vietnamese, he is a Viet Cong.
(c) If the acts suspiciously, he is a Viet Cong.
(d) If he attempts to hide, he is a Viet Cong.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the refrain the sergeant teaches the men during war training?

2. Where does Caputo go after being shown his sleeping quarters?

3. How does Caputo describe the descent of a helicopter?

4. Why do they get ready to move out to the war zone several times?

5. What is to be the measure of victory in the battle?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Caputo and his 40-odd men get transported to the war zone?

2. What is the first month like after the battalion reaches Vietnam?

3. What is the advantage on Hill 268 where Caputo's company is poistioned?

4. What does the hospital corpsman tell Parker about his friend, Esposito?

5. What mistake happens when they fire a three-point-five at the sniper who got Sullivan?

6. Explain what Caputo says is the worst thing about hiking in the jungle.

7. How does Caputo describe himself as he watches the action of the offensive from the hill?

8. What always comes to Caputo's mind when he thinks of basic training?

9. Why does the C-130 make a sudden steep assault-dive on the way to the war zone?

10. Sitting in the outpost ahead of C Company, what does Caputo have difficulty remembering?

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