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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is to be the measure of victory in the battle?
(a) The cooperation of the ARVN
(b) The number of enemy corpses
(c) The cessation of sniper fire
(d) The time it takes to finish clearing the area

2. What is the majority opinion about the countermanded orders to ship out?
(a) That is because of political infighting.
(b) That some general has a loose screw.
(c) That the war in Vietnam is over before they can get there.
(d) That it is a preparedness test for the real thing.

3. How does Gonzales become the first casualty of Caputo's platoon?
(a) He is hit by a sniper when he gets out of his foxhole.
(b) He comes down with malaria and dies.
(c) Walking across the airstrip, he is hit by a helicopter.
(d) He is laying wire where there are mines that had not been removed.

4. What does Caputo call the training for war?
(a) The last torture
(b) A subtle kind of mind control
(c) The calm before the storm
(d) A little bit of hell

5. What does Caputo almost trip over going through the high grass?
(a) A dead water buffalo
(b) The radio operator
(c) A VC corpse
(d) A trip wire connected to a mine

Short Answer Questions

1. What fills the foggy night after the pursuit of the VC and the body count?

2. When does Caputo say is the only bearable time of day in Vietnam?

3. Who seems to know what will happen better than the soldiers?

4. What are Vietnamese children doing as the Marine trucks pass through the village called Dogpatch?

5. How does Caputo describe his platoon?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the contradictions Caputo itemizes about the war?

2. What is the news that makes Caputo sorry he is not there instead of being in Okinawa?

3. Describe the Ruff-Puff's activity around the Beau Geste watchtowers.

4. Why does Caputo order the village fired upon by white phosphorus shells?

5. What do they find when they rush a base camp near the LZ?

6. What does Caputo say the old salts used to tell him is the most memorable moment in an officer's life?

7. Why does Caputo volunteer for the line?

8. How does Caputo mention perception and locale when talking about troop size?

9. Why is the old Vietnamese man lucky the night of the interrogation?

10. Describe the Marines in Caputo's dream platoon.

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