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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the majority opinion about the countermanded orders to ship out?
(a) That the war in Vietnam is over before they can get there.
(b) That some general has a loose screw.
(c) That it is a preparedness test for the real thing.
(d) That is because of political infighting.

2. At the new command, what does Caputo say the men do?
(a) They play in the jungle by day and drink with the prostitutes by night.
(b) They work as extras for McHale's Navy.
(c) They do hours of calisthenics.
(d) They carve monkey faces in coconuts.

3. In this first offensive, how do Caputo and his men see themselves?
(a) As unprepared for combat
(b) As frightened school kids
(c) As knights in shining armor
(d) As boy scouts on a hike

4. What does Caputo speculate about in regard to mines remaining in an area where the RPs are supposed to have cleared them?
(a) Either they are lazy or Viet Cong who had inflitrated them, leave the mines in place.
(b) The RFs lack the necessary equipment to do the job right.
(c) There are just too many to find all of them.
(d) The RFs often clear the wrong field because of communication problems.

5. What is to be the measure of victory in the battle?
(a) The cessation of sniper fire
(b) The time it takes to finish clearing the area
(c) The number of enemy corpses
(d) The cooperation of the ARVN

Short Answer Questions

1. How do they spend their first day at Danang?

2. What is the landmark near C Company's assignment southwest of Danang?

3. What does Caputo say about the significance of a single death in war?

4. What is the stated interest of the U. S. government for war in Vietnam?

5. What are Vietnamese children doing as the Marine trucks pass through the village called Dogpatch?

Short Essay Questions

1. After a group of VC disappears once again, what does Caputo want to believe?

2. What always comes to Caputo's mind when he thinks of basic training?

3. What happens to the machine-gunner named Parker as they wait for a convoy?

4. Why do the men continually have to be reminded to keep five paces between them and the next man?

5. How does Caputo describe the way a soldier fighting in the jungle should act?

6. How does Caputo describe himself as he watches the action of the offensive from the hill?

7. What does Caputo sense at his old base camp when he goes to collect his belongings?

8. How does the platoon receive Caputo's first lecture?

9. Describe the Ruff-Puff's activity around the Beau Geste watchtowers.

10. What is the new warfare of the New Frontier?

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