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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the effect of burning magnesium?
(a) A column of white flame
(b) The smell of rotten eggs
(c) Incredible heat
(d) Like the lights on a football field at night

2. At night on the line, what does everything look like?
(a) Like VC soldier marching toward the line
(b) Phosphorescent
(c) Like a scary movie set
(d) Various shades of black

3. What happens to an old Vietnamese woman chewing a beetle?
(a) She is arrested and taken to HQ.
(b) She dies of fright when she sees the soldiers.
(c) McKenna shoots her when she spits beetle juice in his face.
(d) She is tied to a water buffalo and sent into the paddies.

4. Why is Caputo angry that Crowe and his men do not bring in the suspected VC?
(a) He is angry because of the high casualties they have suffered.
(b) He is angry because he knows he will be blamed.
(c) He is angry because he would have gotten credit for the capture.
(d) He is angry because he needs some target practice.

5. Why is there a great deal of physical work to be done as the monsoon season begins?
(a) The airfield is flooded and has to be elevated.
(b) Flood drain ditches have to be dug.
(c) New tents and buildings have to be erected.
(d) The Regimental HQ is moved near the Dai-La pass.

6. Where does Caputo notice the VC has cut the chain link fence to infiltrate the airfield?
(a) At the place his platoon had guarded when they first came to Danang airfield.
(b) Right behind the colonel's office tent.
(c) Near the mess hall which was vacant at night.
(d) On the back side near the planes.

7. What warning does Caputo receive after the destruction at Ha Na?
(a) He is risking his men when he lets them turn savage like that.
(b) He will have to stay on the front line if he cannot control his platoon.
(c) He may be facing a serious reprimand if it happens again.
(d) He will be relieved of command if anything like this happens again.

8. Who never looks up as they cross the muddy paddies?
(a) Three Vietnamese girls planting rice
(b) A water buffalo
(c) An old farmer
(d) Some boys catching frogs

9. One night under attack, how does Sergeant Mora show up in a foxhole?
(a) Wearing only his shirt
(b) Wearing a sheet
(c) Wearing a kimono he got in Japan
(d) Wearing nothing but his gun belt

10. What is the name of the operation C Company is waiting to begin?
(a) Operation Long Lance
(b) Operation Ha Na
(c) Operation Mountain Storm
(d) Operation Skyhawk

11. Why does Caputo lose radio contact with one of his operators?
(a) A grenade cuts the land wire.
(b) The radio operator is shot.
(c) The old outdated equipment breaks down.
(d) A tree falls on the radio operator.

12. Who was the first KIA in 1st Battalion?
(a) Sullivan
(b) The Battilion commander
(c) Corpsman Levy, a man Caputo knew.
(d) Peterson, who had been transferred.

13. What is the warning as Caputo and his men head for Charlie Ridge?
(a) Watch out for quicksand.
(b) Watch out for those booby traps.
(c) Watch out for crocodiles.
(d) Watch out for sink holes.

14. What does Chaplain Ryerson call twelve KIAs?
(a) A dozen more prayers
(b) Twleve lost souls
(c) A dozen letters he has to write
(d) Twelve grieving families in America

15. What are the three Skyhawks that arrive?
(a) Navy bombers that drop napalm bombs on the area
(b) Attack helicopters
(c) Large birds indigenous to Vietnam
(d) Long range artillery fire from Navy ships

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Caputo and the rest of the men so exhausted?

2. What is the meaning of Sympathetic Detonation?

3. What is the stated purpose of leaving VC bodies behind the Colonel's tent?

4. What meal does Caputo order in Saigon that surprises the French speaking waiter?

5. Lieutenant Reason goes out leading a platoon. How does he return?

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