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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Caputo and the rest of the men so exhausted?
(a) They are tired from playing cards all night long.
(b) They are tired from carrying wounded Marines until the medevac can come.
(c) They are tired from over two hundred patrols in a month and the nights on the line.
(d) They are tired because their boots and uniforms are soaked and heavy.

2. What is the stated purpose of leaving VC bodies behind the Colonel's tent?
(a) To flush out a VC infiltrator by scaring him.
(b) To show the clerks what war looks like.
(c) To remind everyone why they are here.
(d) To give the Colonel a photo opportunity.

3. What is the name of the operation C Company is waiting to begin?
(a) Operation Ha Na
(b) Operation Long Lance
(c) Operation Mountain Storm
(d) Operation Skyhawk

4. In reality, how much time per day does the adjutant work require?
(a) Three or four hours
(b) At least ten hours a day
(c) Six to eight hours per day
(d) Two hours in the mornings

5. What promise does Captain Neal make regardless of the ethic involved?
(a) Any Marine who kills a certified VC will get beer and time to drink it.
(b) Any Marine who kills a VC will be flown back to base camp.
(c) Any Marine who kills a VC will be given a promotion.
(d) Any Marine who kills a VC will be given a week's R and R.

6. How does Caputo recall the two months after the Ha Na experience?
(a) It flickers on his mental screen like movies.
(b) He sees it as a total blackout, remembering nothing.
(c) He sees it in escruciating detail.
(d) He sees it as two months that seem like two years.

7. From where does the attrition in 1st Battalion come?
(a) It comes through serious diseases.
(b) It happens with a large number of desertions.
(c) It is inflicted by the enemy and by themselves.
(d) It comes from recall of Marines to other war fronts.

8. Why is an artillery attack denied when a patrol advancing to the base is spotted?
(a) The higher commanders do not believe the report.
(b) No one has the exact coordinates.
(c) A Marine patrol is lost out in the same area.
(d) New artillery ammunitions has not arrived.

9. Why are Caputo and Crowe brought up on charges to face court martial?
(a) They are charged with using white-phosphorus at close range.
(b) Some Vietnamese are shot standing still and not running.
(c) Crowe is blamed for killing the old woman under Caputo's orders.
(d) The boy, Le Dung, is killed and the village files a protest.

10. What is the only advantage the platoon has over the VC at Hoi-Vuc?
(a) The element of surprise is on their side.
(b) The sun is in the VC's eyes.
(c) They outnumber them.
(d) They hav better munitions.

11. Why do they have to grenade the VC trap twice?
(a) They just want to double check.
(b) The trap is uncommonly huge.
(c) The first two are in the wrong place.
(d) The first grenades are duds.

12. During the summer, how is life for the Vietnamese peasants?
(a) It is dead with no one working in the paddies.
(b) It is busy transplanting people to another area of the country.
(c) It is life as usual, working in the rice paddies.
(d) It is filled with apprehension about the VC.

13. What meal does Caputo order in Saigon that surprises the French speaking waiter?
(a) Rice with nouac-mam sauce
(b) Spaghetti and a bottle of Chianti
(c) Chateaubriand and a bottle of red wine
(d) Six hamburgers and a pitcher of beer

14. What happens during Caputo's first night as assistant adjutant?
(a) He has dreams of Sullivan and the dead VC.
(b) The base HQ comes under fire.
(c) The mosquitoes swarm outside his tent.
(d) The big guns fire all night and he cannot sleep.

15. What happens to the Battalion Headquarters during Operation Long Lance?
(a) Eight officers and a number of enlisted men are killed.
(b) Battalion HQ is attacked by a frightened water buffalo.
(c) The officers all leave on a helicopter.
(d) They have to move farther back.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chaplain Ryerson call twelve KIAs?

2. At night on the line, what does everything look like?

3. Who issues ID cards to the Vietnamese?

4. Lieutenant Reason goes out leading a platoon. How does he return?

5. What is it that Captain Neal wants from the platoon?

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