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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do they do so that the VC corpses will not look recently uninterred?
(a) Strip off their uniforms
(b) Throw loose dust on them
(c) Brush the dirt off
(d) Hose them down

2. What job takes up most of Caputo's time as assistant adjutant?
(a) Regimental Mess Officer
(b) Regimental Legal Officer
(c) Regimental Casualty Reporting Officer
(d) Regimental Secret and Confidential documents Officer

3. What is going on inside the operations tent the night of the assault?
(a) The lights are put out so that the VC cannot see it as a target.
(b) Everything is in order and quiet.
(c) Platoon leaders are being briefed on what to do.
(d) There is confusion and the colonel is staring at the map.

4. What is Caputo's reply to an officer who says the PFCs are shooting at shadows again?
(a) He says,"Let them do it, it releases tension."
(b) He says, "It's okay because it will scare the VC."
(c) He says that shadows do not carry rifles that sound like an AK-47.
(d) He says, "you're probably right but what can we do about it?"

5. At night on the line, what does everything look like?
(a) Like VC soldier marching toward the line
(b) Various shades of black
(c) Phosphorescent
(d) Like a scary movie set

6. What happens during Caputo's first night as assistant adjutant?
(a) He has dreams of Sullivan and the dead VC.
(b) The base HQ comes under fire.
(c) The big guns fire all night and he cannot sleep.
(d) The mosquitoes swarm outside his tent.

7. What is the stated purpose of leaving VC bodies behind the Colonel's tent?
(a) To give the Colonel a photo opportunity.
(b) To show the clerks what war looks like.
(c) To flush out a VC infiltrator by scaring him.
(d) To remind everyone why they are here.

8. How does Caputo recall the two months after the Ha Na experience?
(a) He sees it as a total blackout, remembering nothing.
(b) He sees it in escruciating detail.
(c) It flickers on his mental screen like movies.
(d) He sees it as two months that seem like two years.

9. What does GSW stand for?
(a) Gunshot wound
(b) Gold standard weapons
(c) Good strong workers
(d) Gone south for the winter

10. How does the paperwork in the adjutant's office appear to Caputo?
(a) It seems to need a new filing system.
(b) It seems to be a simple task.
(c) It seems to be written in a foreign language.
(d) It seems to be a truckload.

11. What exhilarates Caputo after the Hoi-Vuc village wipe out?
(a) The congratulations from his men
(b) The perfect way his platoon has performed.
(c) The close combat with the remaining VC
(d) The prospect of a medal

12. What are the Marines doing in the truck beds?
(a) Holding up their rifles and yelling
(b) Staying down under cover
(c) Firing at will
(d) Singing the Marine Hymn

13. After Caputo's dream, what vision does he have in the daylight?
(a) He sees everything in slow motions.
(b) He sees the faces of Mora and Hamilton superimposed on dead bodies.
(c) He sees ghosts of great military heroes.
(d) He sees his photo in a newspaper obituary column.

14. Why is there a great deal of physical work to be done as the monsoon season begins?
(a) Flood drain ditches have to be dug.
(b) The Regimental HQ is moved near the Dai-La pass.
(c) New tents and buildings have to be erected.
(d) The airfield is flooded and has to be elevated.

15. What happens to an old Vietnamese woman chewing a beetle?
(a) She is tied to a water buffalo and sent into the paddies.
(b) McKenna shoots her when she spits beetle juice in his face.
(c) She dies of fright when she sees the soldiers.
(d) She is arrested and taken to HQ.

Short Answer Questions

1. What evidence do they find to show it is a VC attack?

2. Why are Caputo and Crowe brought up on charges to face court martial?

3. What is it that Captain Neal wants from the platoon?

4. What is the effect of burning magnesium?

5. What is a consistent reminder of the casualties of war.

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