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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In this first offensive, how do Caputo and his men see themselves?
(a) As unprepared for combat
(b) As knights in shining armor
(c) As frightened school kids
(d) As boy scouts on a hike

2. How does Caputo recall the two months after the Ha Na experience?
(a) He sees it in escruciating detail.
(b) It flickers on his mental screen like movies.
(c) He sees it as two months that seem like two years.
(d) He sees it as a total blackout, remembering nothing.

3. What does Caputo speculate about in regard to mines remaining in an area where the RPs are supposed to have cleared them?
(a) The RFs often clear the wrong field because of communication problems.
(b) The RFs lack the necessary equipment to do the job right.
(c) Either they are lazy or Viet Cong who had inflitrated them, leave the mines in place.
(d) There are just too many to find all of them.

4. How does Caputo describe his platoon?
(a) They are all uneducated and street fighters.
(b) As a highly polished fighting machine that needed no training.
(c) As men who enlist, train and travel together from the beginning.
(d) They are a group of strangers and misfits.

5. What are the two problems Caputo says are the worst while they guard the landing field?
(a) The mosquitos and the pythons
(b) The heat and boredom
(c) The long days and short nights
(d) The rain and bad food

Short Answer Questions

1. A book by what author is Caputo trying to read while waiting at the outpost on top of a hill?

2. Why does boredom get replaced with terror on the outpost hill?

3. When the wounded VC's trail leads around a bend in the river, what choices does Caputo have?

4. What does Caputo say is the second stage of soldiers in battle?

5. What comes by belatedly as Caputo watches?

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