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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What mistake does 2d Lt. Caputo make on a training exercise that gets him a reprimand?
(a) He orders a retreat.
(b) He lights up a cigarette.
(c) He changes a captain's orders.
(d) He takes a nap while waiting for orders.

2. How does Caputo describe the feelings of the men after the destruction of the village Giao-Tri?
(a) The men wonder if that could ever happen in America.
(b) The men are learning to hate those who give succor to the enemy.
(c) There is great shock at how they went mad in the destruction.
(d) They are believing that there are no civilians in war.

3. What is Caputo's reply to an officer who says the PFCs are shooting at shadows again?
(a) He says, "It's okay because it will scare the VC."
(b) He says that shadows do not carry rifles that sound like an AK-47.
(c) He says,"Let them do it, it releases tension."
(d) He says, "you're probably right but what can we do about it?"

4. What do they learn about military plans in the bush?
(a) Nothing ever happens according to plan.
(b) Their Quantico training has really paid off.
(c) Why there are always contingencies.
(d) How to avoid surprise.

5. Why do they have to grenade the VC trap twice?
(a) The trap is uncommonly huge.
(b) They just want to double check.
(c) The first grenades are duds.
(d) The first two are in the wrong place.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Caputo say is the only bearable time of day in Vietnam?

2. Who makes up Caputo's first command?

3. Who was the first KIA in 1st Battalion?

4. What happens when Caputo drinks with some Australian soldiers?

5. What lesson does Caputo learn that contradicts what he learned at Quantico?

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