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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the prognosis for Powell's recovery after his heatstroke?
(a) Paralysis
(b) Probable brain damage
(c) Damaged immune system
(d) Amnesia

2. What do they learn about military plans in the bush?
(a) Their Quantico training has really paid off.
(b) Why there are always contingencies.
(c) How to avoid surprise.
(d) Nothing ever happens according to plan.

3. What are the two problems Caputo says are the worst while they guard the landing field?
(a) The long days and short nights
(b) The rain and bad food
(c) The mosquitos and the pythons
(d) The heat and boredom

4. Why are the Medivac helicopters unable to land to pick up casualties?
(a) It was too windy for helicopters to fly
(b) The Howies had destroyed the terraine
(c) The LZ is under enemy machine gun fire.
(d) The VC had set the LZ on fire

5. Why do they get ready to move out to the war zone several times?
(a) They want to be sure they know what to do.
(b) It's a kind of war game they play.
(c) There is nothing better to do.
(d) There are several false alarms of going to war, but none pan out .

Short Answer Questions

1. What promise does Captain Neal make regardless of the ethic involved?

2. Lieutenant Reason goes out leading a platoon. How does he return?

3. What is the aim of Caputo's first entry into combat?

4. What is the majority opinion about the countermanded orders to ship out?

5. What place do they pass through on the fourth day?

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