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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Caputo and the rest of the men so exhausted?
(a) They are tired because their boots and uniforms are soaked and heavy.
(b) They are tired from playing cards all night long.
(c) They are tired from over two hundred patrols in a month and the nights on the line.
(d) They are tired from carrying wounded Marines until the medevac can come.

2. What does Caputo observe about the young mother as they are searching her house?
(a) How she covers her face with a scarf.
(b) How she looks on with complete passivity and without without expression.
(c) How she appreciates his putting everything back in place.
(d) How frightened she looks.

3. Why do they have to grenade the VC trap twice?
(a) The trap is uncommonly huge.
(b) They just want to double check.
(c) The first two are in the wrong place.
(d) The first grenades are duds.

4. What irony does Caputo see in the guerrilla warfare manual he had studied in the States?
(a) The suggestion that the enemy could not advance in the jungle.
(b) The idea that the jungle is only trees.
(c) The remark that the jungle is only in Africa.
(d) The statement that one should not be afraid of the jungle.

5. What do they learn about military plans in the bush?
(a) Why there are always contingencies.
(b) Nothing ever happens according to plan.
(c) How to avoid surprise.
(d) Their Quantico training has really paid off.

Short Answer Questions

1. What change does Caputo notice in his men back at their position on the hill?

2. What position does Battalion Headquarters take on identifying a Viet Cong?

3. What casualties are suffered during the next two days?

4. What is the refrain the sergeant teaches the men during war training?

5. What comes by belatedly as Caputo watches?

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