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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Caputo and his men discover as they pursue the wounded VC?
(a) A cache of modern weapons
(b) A tunnel too small for a Marine to enter
(c) A small base camp
(d) A woman carrying a baby

2. What looks beautiful from the hill but becomes ominous up close?
(a) The orange smoke of artillery
(b) The Cordellia
(c) The muddy colored river
(d) The vietnamese villages

3. What do they learn about military plans in the bush?
(a) How to avoid surprise.
(b) Why there are always contingencies.
(c) Nothing ever happens according to plan.
(d) Their Quantico training has really paid off.

4. Who are the only adults who pay attention to the Marines as they pass through Dogpatch?
(a) The fruit venders
(b) The local police
(c) The Vietnamese Ruff-Puffs on leave
(d) The whores called Boom-Boom girls

5. Does Caputo believe the deployment is for real when he is told about it?
(a) Yes, but he is too stunned to know what to do.
(b) No, he calls the OD to make sure.
(c) Yes, he runs to the base to start packing.
(d) No, he ignores it and goes on drinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does boredom get replaced with terror on the outpost hill?

2. How does Caputo describe the Viet Cong division he first becomes aware of by looking at a site map, a map showing positions of allies and enemy in the field.

3. What is the misconception the platoon has when they are deployed to Vietnam?

4. Why does Peterson call for an air strike on Hill 107?

5. What do they experience on their first night?

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