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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Peterson call for an air strike on Hill 107?
(a) He intercepts a viet Cong communication.
(b) He does not want combat going up a hill.
(c) He suspects an ambush.
(d) He has spotted Viet cong movement on the hill.

2. What do Caputo and his platoon have in common?
(a) They all think they made a big mistake by enlisting.
(b) They all have the desire to stop sitting around and get to the business of war.
(c) They all have the same tattoos.
(d) They are all homesick and want to go back home.

3. What is the refrain the sergeant teaches the men during war training?
(a) Ambush is murder and murder is fun!
(b) She won't do it but her sister will!
(c) Remember the Alamo!
(d) This is my rifle and this is my gun!

4. What does he imagine being in the military will be like?
(a) He thinks it will be dull and routine.
(b) He imagines it will be like taking a vacation.
(c) He enters the war with romantic notions of being a hero.
(d) He thinks it will be frightening but he needs the money.

5. Who seems to know what will happen better than the soldiers?
(a) The prostitutes
(b) The chaplains
(c) The telephone operators
(d) The messhall cooks

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Caputo describe his platoon?

2. What event does Caputo recall that further dims the idea of glamor in war?

3. What does Caputo say about the VC guerrillas being everywhere?

4. Why is it difficult to round up the platoon?

5. What is the aim of Caputo's first entry into combat?

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