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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What mistake does 2d Lt. Caputo make on a training exercise that gets him a reprimand?
(a) He orders a retreat.
(b) He takes a nap while waiting for orders.
(c) He changes a captain's orders.
(d) He lights up a cigarette.

2. What is the misconception the platoon has when they are deployed to Vietnam?
(a) The Marines believe they can win the war single handedly.
(b) The Marines think it will all be over in a week.
(c) The Marines enter a war they think they cannot lose.
(d) The Marines are sure they will not become casualties.

3. What is the majority opinion about the countermanded orders to ship out?
(a) That is because of political infighting.
(b) That some general has a loose screw.
(c) That it is a preparedness test for the real thing.
(d) That the war in Vietnam is over before they can get there.

4. What becomes of major importance to Caputo in those early days?
(a) Getting enough sleep
(b) Getting the approval of his superiors
(c) Drinking and partying
(d) Getting a Washington desk job

5. Why does Caputo choose to enlist with the Marines?
(a) It was the only branch of the service accepting volunteers at the time.
(b) It promises to fulfill all his expectations more than any other branch of the service.
(c) He thought the Marines had the best dress uniforms.
(d) He did not want to be on a ship or fly an airplane.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sobering realization does Caputo come to after his service in Vietnam?

2. What is everyone told about the war in the first briefing Caputo attends?

3. What are some of the things Caputo learns in Marine training?

4. What does Caputo say he learns later about the war in Vietnam?

5. Where is Caputo's first command?

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