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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do they experience on their first night?
(a) At night they can see the flashes of bombs detonated.
(b) Night brings on a monsoon rain.
(c) Night brings sniper fire in the distance and swarms of biting insects.
(d) The night becomes unbearably cold.

2. What is the change that takes place at Hill 327?
(a) The junior officers are all given new commands.
(b) The food improves with better suply lines.
(c) More work is done during the night than in the day.
(d) The plan changes from defensive to offensive.

3. What happens about two hundred yards away from the village?
(a) They get lost and go around in a circle.
(b) An attack helicopter goes ahead of them to strafe the area.
(c) The Hill 267 howitzers shell near the place where they are.
(d) The invisible enemy opens automatic sniper fire on them.

4. In this first offensive, how do Caputo and his men see themselves?
(a) As knights in shining armor
(b) As unprepared for combat
(c) As frightened school kids
(d) As boy scouts on a hike

5. What event does Caputo recall that further dims the idea of glamor in war?
(a) An outbreak of malaria
(b) A visit to the field hospital
(c) The crash of a Marine helicopter
(d) Watching one of his men shot and killed by a sniper

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Caputo and his platoon have in common?

2. Who are the only adults who pay attention to the Marines as they pass through Dogpatch?

3. What does Caputo observe about the young mother as they are searching her house?

4. How does Gonzales become the first casualty of Caputo's platoon?

5. A book by what author is Caputo trying to read while waiting at the outpost on top of a hill?

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