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Annamese Cordillera - A seemingly endless expanse of jungle in the North of Vietnam, it is a jungle as large as the sea.

Anxiety, Depression, and Fear - Emotions that take hold most deeply in the hearts of the soldiers.

ARVN - The regional militia battalion comprised mainly of the South Vietnamese army.

Battalion/Regimental Headquarters - Unofficially known as the rear, it is the area where those not involved with direct combat operate.

Big Ivan - The code name for a battery of eight-inch howitzers. Their drowning roar can be heard from miles away.

Bouncing Betties - Mines that are designed to cripple rather than to kill.

Bunching Up - Men with less than ten paces between them become sitting ducks for enemy fire, mines, or missiles.

Cafard - A type of psychological trauma which advances in stages.

Camp Upshur, Virginia - The location of Caputo's...

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