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Annamese Cordillera

A seemingly endless expanse of jungle in the North of Vietnam, it is a jungle as large as the sea.

Anxiety, Depression, and Fear

Emotions that take hold most deeply in the hearts of the soldiers.


The regional militia battalion comprised mainly of the South Vietnamese army.

Battalion/Regimental Headquarters

Unofficially known as the rear, it is the area where those not involved with direct combat operate.

Big Ivan

The code name for a battery of eight-inch howitzers. Their drowning roar can be heard from miles away.

Bouncing Betties

Mines that are designed to cripple rather than to kill.

Bunching Up

Men with less than ten paces between them become sitting ducks for enemy fire, mines, or missiles.


A type of psychological trauma which advances in stages.

Camp Upshur, Virginia

The location of Caputo's Basic Training.

Continental Palace Hotel, Saigon

Site of Caputo's R...

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