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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

* Caputo lays the background for his joining the Marine Crops right out of college.

* Caputo gives some insight into the developing US involvement in Indochina.

* He discusses his recollections of military training, specifically the close order drills.

* He explains his determination not to be an unsat or a marginal.

* There is intense indoctrination which he compares to Communist brainwashing techniques.

* Conversely, there is the glamor of the parade review.

* Finally receiving his commission, he goes to Basic School which he describes as a half-way house between campus and the Marine Corps.

* Amphibious warfare school is a week of seasick days and drunken nights.

Chapter 2

* Caputo details memories of his first command where only certain people are memorable.

* The platoon sergeant represents a certain conflict but receives Caputo's respect as well.

* Caputo lands in Okinawa with his platoon.

* Uniformity in everything is stressed right down to blue and...

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