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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to ruin this good feeling?
(a) He reads the evening paper.
(b) He watches the evening news.
(c) He reads his mail which is mostly bills.
(d) He has to return to camp and encounter Jim again.

2. What does Norman not suggest to Jim?
(a) That they invest in real estate
(b) That they go to a movie
(c) That they join a bowling team
(d) That they become partners again

3. Jim's stories bore Norman to the point of ___________________.
(a) anger
(b) frustration
(c) hysteria
(d) tears

4. What does Jim force Norman to do?
(a) Chug mugs of beer
(b) Listen to his pimping stories
(c) Pay his rent
(d) Loan him money

5. What does Jim enjoy doing at the camp?
(a) Singing camp songs
(b) Writing letters
(c) Causing trouble
(d) Playing cards

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Norman do to revive himself?

2. How does Jim abuse men?

3. What does Norman agree to do with Jim?

4. What does Norman think gyppoing would do for him?

5. What does Norman think of this last bit of information?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Norman meet one summer while logging in the woods?

2. What does Norman fear about Jim?

3. What question does Jim not ask Norman at dinner?

4. What does Norman observe about Jim's behavior with the other men?

5. What does Jim do while the prostitutes are working?

6. What happens when Norman returns to college?

7. Where is the location of the woods where Norman works?

8. What is the content of Jim's final letter to Norman?

9. How does Norman perceive Jim?

10. Why is Norman especially annoyed when Jim has an affair with a local woman?

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